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  1. My first nudibranch and a Christmas Tree worm
  2. Just got home from a Great weekend of diving. I hope you enjoy. As always critiques are welcomed.
  3. First of all many thanks to Matt Segal for taking the time to look at one of my RAW images and finding and fixing my problem. Now the funny egg on my face part: This is what happens when you take one experienced diver and novice photographer and put a big fancy new camera in his hands. This year I upgraded from a Sea&Sea MM II Ex to a Canon 20D with all Ike gear (lovin it) So here I was all ready to jump into digital and run (dive) with the big boys and girls. My goals were simple, the same as any underwater photographer, to be great Ok maybe I should have been happy with a few more keepers So anyways I study everything I could find on Wetpixel.com asked alot of silly questions and got a bunch of great answers. This place has been great. I was ready to be a great underwater photographer. I had the camera, I had some knowledge and I even had the newest version of photo shop CS2. Man was I gonna be good First trip: Over Memorial Day weekend I was going to head down to Panama City Beach to get in four dives. This was to be my test run for my big Aqua Cat trip. The diving was in some very dark limited visibilty water. To say the least I was having a heck of a time. My 100mm lens would hunt and hunt and hunt. I did manage to take some pictures though. At the end of the first day I down loaded my pictures and noticed all the RAW files were over expoused to some extent. I thought these images sure look different on the computer than the camera LCD. No big deal though because, I was shooting in RAW I would just adjust a little (a lot) and compensate for the overexposure the next day. The next day I did just that, I went to a higher F stop and even expermented with my shutter speed. I did notice that the 100mm lens still did a lot of hunting. At the end of the day I get back and down load the images and the too are all overexpoused. I did some work with the RAW files and got some keepers. I got home and got on Wetpixel.com and started posting questions. I found out that I had the camera set up wrong and that was causing the hunting of the 100mm lens. The best any one could figure on the overexpoused images was I had the Ike TTL set to a +2 instead of a -1 or -2. Problem solved? Trip Two: The Aqua Cat, this was going to be the begining of greatness I would have seven days to shoot and get some great images. Well a familar theme appeared, shoot, down load and view a bunch of overexpoused images. Dive again adjust settings, shoot, down load and view my overexpoused images. I was coming to some pretty strange conclusions. One the LCD on the back of the camera wasn't worth a hoot. My camera must be broke and a lot of people are not telling the truth about how much adjusting in RAW they are having to do. I was getting more confused as I went. Although I was able to save a lot of images with adjustments in RAW and I had a lot of what I considered keepers. So over all not a bad trip. I know this is kind of wordy but I am all most there. I posted a couple of images of Queen Angels and asked for some critiques. I did it in two forums and got some really good advice. I love good honest constructive advice. Matt posted a comment that said it looked like I was pushing the exposure two far in photo shop. I responded that can't be because the images were overexposed and I was trying to bring them back to normal. Matt asked if he could see the RAW image so I emailed it to him. What he found just kills me The RAW image was in fact underexposed as was just about every image I had ever taken with this new camera. The problem was in a feature with adobe bridge camera RAW. It was set up to auto adjust each image. So I was never looking at the actual RAW image of any of the photos I took. Except on the LCD and I thought for sure it didn't work very good at all anyways So the more i adjusted the camera the more CS2 tried to counter adjust the images. It was a big relief once Matt told me how to set up CS2 adobe bridge so I could see the actual RAW data of all my images. You can't imagine how many underexpoused pictures I now have. LOL I do have a few good ones though (TTL) and a lot more keepers (thank you RAW) then I ever had before. I hope this helps all the other newbies out there trying to be great A big thanks to Matt and all the other Wetpixel.com photgraphers out there who take the time to help guide us rookies through to being Digital Photographers. Dive, Shoot, Learn Regards, Michael
  4. Thanks to Matt for letting me see my actual images for the first time. I tried to correct the first one the best I could I also cropped it some. Let me know if this is a good save or not. Matt if you still have the RAW file I would love to see what you could do. This was my effort on fixing it.
  5. Ahhh ooops..... rookie mistake. Kind of funny though. I would come up from a dive down load all my pictures. See they were all overexposed and decide that on the next dive I would just close my f stop or do something else to try and get a better exposure. Each time I would progressively underexpose the next set of images. I wondered why the camera LCD and the computer screen would show such different images. Anyways dive, shot, post and learn. Thanks Alex, James and Matt a big thanks to you for giving me some directions out of the woods.
  6. Ok Matt I am now lost. I was using ISO 100 both strobes set to TTL and the 100mm lens I would have to look back at the RAW data to see what f stop was some where around 14 I believe. Both shots in RAW looked way overexposed. I wasn't trying to increase the exposure in RAW I was trying to back it down. I guess I am pretty lost at this point.
  7. James and Alex, Thanks for taking the time to critique. I love getting advice like that. Now that I see the images on a better monitor I see they are overexposed. Something I can correct in RAW? I am having a big problem almost everything I have shot is coming out overexposed, even the macro TTL stuff. I have the Ike housing set at -1 next weekend I will try to move it to -2 when shooting TTL. Amazing that you can tell I use center autofocus lock. I have not really gotten past the point of trying to get something in my frame in focus. LOL This was really just my second time in the water with this rig. It is a struggle going from a simple Sea&Sea MM II to this setup. Although as much as I am stuggling I am already getting better images than I ever had in the past. Hopefully with pointers like the ones you two just gave my learning curve will progress a lot faster. Any suggestion on a path to better skills with the camera are welcomed. Since I can only get in one or two dive trips a year it would help to get better before I actually go on the trips. Thanks again, Michael
  8. I have seen so manner cool Queen Angle portraits. Trying to take one is a bit tough. These are my best two efforts from my Bahamas trip. What could have been done to make them better.
  9. Do all strobes do this? I just spent a week shooting twin DS125's and never had any trouble. 80% of the time I had them in close shooting macro. My Air Z Nitrox worked great. I don't know if I was just lucky or what? I sure hope it doesn't rear its ugly head later though. Regards, Michael
  10. Thanks Bruce, everything is taken with a Canon 20D, the macro lens was 100mm it is outfitted with all Ike equipment and dual DS125 strobes. Michael
  11. Just got home from a week in the Exumas area of the Bahamas. Here are a few of the first pictures. Please critique as I am still learning. Thanks in advance
  12. Jimbo, I would love to see what someone who knows how to use photoshop to edit pictures could do to any of these shots. Divedoc, we were diving with Hydro Space and most of these were taken on Bridge Span 14. Thanks for the comments, as always advise from this forum is great so keep it a coming. Regards, Michael
  13. last one and this one is cropped
  14. These are from my rookie weekend in Panama City Beach with the new camera. I had it to all of the photographers who post here with such great results. It sure ain't easy but, I am wanting to learn so please critique. Thanks, Michael
  15. Mike, Thanks for the kind words. It is full frame. I will try your suggestion later and crop so overhang is gone. I don't know if this fish is in the same family as the Scorpion fish. My best guess would be no. Regards, Michael
  16. This was taken on Bridge Span 2 in Panama City Beach Florida. Please critique, I am new with this camera and trying to learn.
  17. This is one of the first underwater images out of my Canon 20D. Taken with the 10-22mm lens in Vortex Springs. Please Critique.
  18. I don't know any of the scientific stuff........but nice pictures
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