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  1. A buddy of mine put a new battery in his, pumped it down to green, and let it sit...it was over two months before the battery died.
  2. Same - I can't tell the difference between using a flip adapter and direct to the port (Nikon 105mm and Nauticam SMC on full-frame camera).
  3. Are the measurements posted by Nauticam accurate? Seems like the housing for this camera and the D850 are really similar in size if so.
  4. Real-world tests are getting a lot more than the rating on Nikon's site...like 3-4x as many shots. As others have mentioned elsewhere, the housing specs for the Nauticam NA-Z7 and NA-D850 show them to be very close to the same size, which (for me) completely negates the size advantage of the Z7 over the D850 body.
  5. Just back from Malaysia (Sipadan)...D850 is a great camera above and under water. No regrets. I still am interested in a FX mirrorless though
  6. I would have loved this last week. Just flying back from Sipadan trip, and it would have been quite good there.
  7. If I didn't have a bunch of the stuff already, id go WACP I think. Nikon FX body... WACP + 28-70 + zoom gear + ext ring 35 = $4600 vs 230mm dome + 16-35 + Ext Ring + Zoom gear = 3600ish, 3900 or so with 250mm dome. edited to add ext ring 35 for wacp..eek!
  8. I decided to shoot my D850 for underwater since I have all the FX lenses, ports, etc already from the 800 and 810 I had previously...easier than trying to mess with buying and selling all kinds of stuff. I will probably not get to dive it until we get to Sipadan, but there's not many better places to enjoy a new camera so it'll be worth the wait. Thanks to Jack at Optical Ocean Sales for taking the time to discuss pros and cons with me recently, super helpful as always!
  9. Seems the battery estimate is quite low, with reports of 1500+ shots and some video too. It seems that housings would need to be able to fit the FTZ to really be a viable option for using this camera underwater.
  10. For sure, the Z7/6 are nice and the future, but one card slot and battery life (for me) is a deal breaker -- I don't want to have to change batteries every 1-2 dives or worry about limiting my shooting to save battery power. Pass.
  11. The first time I shot it I was blown away by how many more images were in perfect focus than when using my other or previous cameras (D700, D7000, D800, D810, etc). It was a shocking difference! A bit irrational? For sure! Regrets? Nope.
  12. Thanks for the complement. Fortunately, I have a D5 for sports and pretty much anything else I shoot topside, so the 850 or 500 would be used as a 2nd camera with a different lens/focal length. I do have all FX glass, which is a small consideration. The $500 or so for a Tokina 10-17 doesn't even factor into my decision much at this level of spend. You guys are 100% accurate on "need vs want." I don't personally need anything, it's just a hobby that occasionally makes me 1% of my investment back if I am lucky. I could be happy using a GoPro if I didn't have to edit video Really good conversation in this thread. Thank you all for the great points to consider.
  13. What are your reasons for the D850? Just wondering/looking for something that will help me decide. I wish I had time for the upcoming mirrorless to come out and be proven, housing and such, but I dont. Thanks,
  14. It's funny, in a sad way, I keep going back and forth about these. I've had my D850 since March 2nd and have yet to even open the box. It has sat in my camera safe (gun safe haha) untouched for 5 months plus. The more I think about it, the more I am leaning to the D500, but I'm still on the fence! Ugh. Need to decide in the next month.
  15. If not too late, you can easily shoot the Nikon 60mm 2.8D Micro behind the same port the 105 uses (87), and that lens is really good -- i used that combo in Lembeh on a D7000 a lot. I would definitely recommend getting the zoom gear for the 105. In Lembeh, using the 105 + diopter i used manual focus a lot -- more than I had expected. The D500 AF is much better, but I would still want the option to use manual for super-macro.
  16. Im going to use the following w/45 degree viewfinder 105 w/smc and multiplier as possible 60mm Sigma 15 with zen170mm 16-35/4 with a big dome primarily I wish the wacp wasnt so big, in price and size, so not sure about it yet.
  17. I plan to use: Nikon, 105, 60/2.8D, 20/2.8D (maybe), 16-35/4, and Sigma 15FE with the macro port, zen 170, and a big dome (tbd)...unless i decide to try the WACP - the size primarily, and somewhat the cost, are the blockers for me on the WACP, though.
  18. I have made prints 20x40 (iirc) taken with a D800 and D810 with the Sigma 15 + Kenko 1.4x which I think look quite good, and more importantly were well received by their new owners. If helpful: Nauticam housing, 20mm extension, zen 170mm dome.
  19. I also use the 45-degree for both. Takes a bit of practice for macro, easy for WA.
  20. I guess i have decided to house my D850. I am not excited at all on the WACP due to price or size, and not thrilled about a 230mm dome either. I will likely end up using my Sigma 15mm FE and Zen 170mm dome for most wide angle stuff and the 16-35/4 and 8.5" dome with some crop planned to clean up the corners, or just shoot it in DX mode...I generally don't like cropping, but the D850 file size will leave plenty of room for doing it. Anyway, I fear I will end up buying the WACP anyway, but I realllly don't want to. All this stuff sometimes makes me wonder why I didn't just keep shooting the RX100
  21. I feel like if you somehow made me choose between a the D500 with a Nauticam housing vs a D850 with the Ikelite housing I would pick the D500 because of the housing alone. I would basically ignore everything else.
  22. I would rather not, mainly due to issues I have had in the past with an international shipment. also, the costs are quite high. I might consider it, but i certainly would not cover the costs. Thanks.
  23. It's still available, yes. Right now I don't have any ports or VF for sale as I am going to use a different Nikon body (which was probably not the best decision I have ever made)
  24. All still available. Reasonable offers considered.
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