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  1. I have now sold the the Nikon D700 camera body which only had 6054 actuation's. The Nauticam housing is still available.
  2. Here is a review by Alex Mustard from the WetPixel Article pages The housing comes with spare Oring Handles Balls for mounting strobe arms I have found the missing cap seen in the 1st photo for the optical flash trigger outlet.
  3. Here are some more images of the Nikon D700 Nauticam Housing This is an image of the wear on the bottom of the Housing
  4. I have a NA-D700 Nauticam Housing for sale. The housing is in excellent condition. I have used the housing only a week ago to image humpback whales in it worked flawlessly. The system has an audible leak alarm which is in good working order. All of the buttons and springs are in excellent condition and the unit feels like new when operating. Spring tensions such as the shutter release have a perfect feel. The unit has been stored in a dehumidifying cabinet when not in use and always had a thorough fresh water clean. Most of the time I have used this housing with surface animals so it has not seen many deep dives. The asking price is $2000 AUS. Ask any questions and I will answer as quick as possible. More pictures to come.
  5. I have purchased the NA-D800 housing. I now have a NA-D700 in excellent condition for sale asking $2000
  6. Are you still looking to keep the lot as a complete package?
  7. I am looking for a Nauticam housing for D800 1 Are you Willing to sell housing only 2 what changes were made to accommodate the D800E ( will all of the functions on the D 800 be available ) Regards Darryl
  8. Hi I'm looking for a D800 nautical housing. I have all other gear I need I'm just upgrading camera body for video. Do you have the housing still and will you separate it? Also interested in the video light. Regards Darryl Info@getawaysailing.com.au
  9. Hi Andy Looking for a D800 housing is this still available?? Regards Darryl
  10. Anyone have a D800 housing they are not using any more. I'm using a D700 setup and would like to get video through the D800. I have ports strobes arms ect.already Just looking for a D800 Nauticam housing if I must buy the complete setup I will and then sell extra items. please email Info@getawaysailing.com.au Regards Darryl
  11. Recently I found a pair of YS-D1's and Ultra Light arms in the Wetpixel classifieds. The seller JANTOON has given a perfect description of the goods and shipped them the same day as the payment was received. Each piece was wrapped with bubble wrap and sent on it's way. I believe he still has a D700 housing and ports for sale, if your looking for a housing I would not hesitate in buying Jantoon's as the condition of his gear is perfect. Many thanks Jantoon looking forward to using the strobes
  12. Hi I am asking for assistance with sending a housing (Na D700) and 2 ports from US to Australia. Does anyone have experience with using any one shipping company they would prefer to others with regard to care taken and price of shipping? The gear is in California and would be sent to Gold Coast Australia. Thanks Darryl
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