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  1. I purchased a 20D 17 months ago, and Ikelite housing for it this feb. I have used it 25 times in the maldives since I purchased it. Last week I dropped my 20D and smashed the screen, and damaged the main board. Canon said it is beyond repair. (i.e. cheaper to replace) I am looking to replace it with a 5D, but wanted to know if it was worth selling the Iketlite housing. And also where is the best place to sell it? Any help would be much appreciated. Danny
  2. I am having the same problem. I have a 20D and a DS 125. How do I turn off the pre-flash on the 20D? I have a set of LED's, which have a manual or TTL. TTL is selected, Do i need to change this?
  3. I am trying to decide if it is worth buying the 10-22MM lense for my dives in the maldives. I just got off the phone to BH, and they said you could not get better than the 10-22 I am trying to figure out, if I use use the 10-22MM at 17MM, is the quality any better than the 17-85MM at 17MM? I know the 17MM is a good all purpose lense. But apart from the width, is the clarity any better on the 17MM Thanks Danny
  4. Sorry, Forgot to say, I shipped it with UPS, and was here within 2 days, which is quicker than I could normally get something shipped locally in ireland
  5. I ordered my ikelite housing from BHphotovideo.com I got stuck for VAT when it got in ireland, but it was still cheaper than anywhere in the EU
  6. I though I would create a new post for this one. I spoke to the Ikelite Re-seller in the UK and told them I was diving in the maldives with 20D. And they advised me 1 DS-125 strobe. When I asked if one was enough his thoughs were I would see very little difference putting extra power in the strobe. mtbottle, very kindly posted a standard entry level setup for the 20D. In the list he said 2xDS125 strobes. Now i'm confused. I would appreciate everyone opinion on how much difference the 2 strobes will make? Many Thanks Danny
  7. Thanks for your assistance. Maybe you can help me with lenses. I have a Canon 17-85MM IS USM and Canon 60MM Macro. I notice you use the 18-55 mm on the 350. How do you find it, do you find it shoots wide enough? I was going to buy the 10-22. But am not sure if it is really worth buying it, or just using the 17-85MM Thanks Danny
  8. I have got a 20D and Going over to new york next week to pick up my Ikelite housing from BH PhotoVideo I was also going to buy the DS-125 strobe, but wanted to get advice to which strobe would be best for diving in tropical waters? Some guy in the UK said the DS-125 would be best. Can anyone advise? I am also trying to find out how others set the exposure on their camera's? Is it best to set the camera on automatic? Or set the Aperture and shutter speed manually. Many thanks Danny
  9. While on land, I can slow down my shutter speed, increase my Apature or Bump up my ISO to increase light. OK, Bumping up my ISO decreased quality, and Shutter speed and apature are object specific. How does this effect my picturs underwater? Does light mean colour?
  10. Thanks for you response James, my dilemma is this. I have a new 20D Camera with a 17-85MM and a 60MM Macro Lens. I am going to the New York in December to buy the UW housing. When I get back I will be I WONT be doing any diving in Ireland until next summer. But I do have a trip to the maldives booked in Feb for 2 Weeks. Which will be the first time I get to use my new toy. I wont be going to the maldives again for a long time, so I want to come back to the best pics possible. If it was local diving, that I can revisit, I would be happy the have a play the 17-85MM lens. I am trying to find out will I find much different between the 17-85MM to the 10-22MM in Tropical Waters. Any Ideas?
  11. Hello, I am using the 17085MM lense with my Canon 20D. I know with the 1.6x factor that is 27MM. Is this a wide enought lense? Or would I be better of spending on the 10MM lense? Any suggestions would be much appreciated. If the thought is 17MM is wide enought, how would it work with this magic filter? Danny
  12. I am looking for some real Magic Filter Reviews. I have a Canon 20D and am going to the maldives in Feb to start taking my first underwater pictures with my new camera. I am heading over to BH in new york in december to buy some housing and lighting. I am questioning what lighting system I should be buying now? If any with the Magic Filters. I have no objection for trying them at such a low price. But can not image how something so cheap can be so good. How do they work at macro stuff, under rocks where there is no direct sunlight. And are the examples on the web site real. Or was the shutter speed also slower? Was there any other not mentioned considerations? How exactly do they work?
  13. send it back to canon, i'm sure its under warrenty. PS. dont tell them you use it underwater
  14. Did not get time to read all responses, that will teach me.
  15. God these are expensive for camera equipment 8% of the value. thats expensive if it is all worth 5K
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