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  1. I am asking for a lot of help here, and not giving much back. Hopefully in the future I will be able to put more in.




    Still trying to decide on which camera to go for, I am looking into the Canon ID MK II may be the favorite so far. The reason for this is canon is offering me it for 3300€ including the 550EX flash for free. Which seems a very competative deal.


    The only thing that puts me of the D70, is if I spend 1000€ on a camera plus 2500€ on a underwater case, and decide I want better next year. It is a lot to throw away.


    I am a little confused on how lenses and flashes connect to the camera underwater.


    I know that there are different ports for different lenses. Which seems simple enought. But how does one get around the fact you never know what type of picture you are going to take underwater until you get to it. Has anyone else addressed this, if they find themselves suddenly wanting to take a macro photo? Are there any lenses that are good at everything? or is it just tuff luck. Preperation is the key before you dive.


    As i understand it, I can put the 550EX in a subal case and connect it to the subal camera case. How to slave flashes work? Or do they simply trigger from the light of the other flash.


    Also, does anyone know a good UK/Ireland provider for underwater housing, that is competative and reliable for deliveries and service?


    Many Thanks



  2. I was consider buying a Nikon d2x or Canon ID Mark II camera, but am trying to establish if I really need that much.


    Most of my photography comes is taken in hot clear places, i.e. Maldives or Egypt.


    I have only really been using high end snap shot camera, and found that the colour loss is high, and the speed of the AF is unusably slow.


    I was considering buying one of the 2 very high end camera, the help improve on these. Do i need one of the really high end cameras? or is something like a Nikon D70 good enough? and fast enought.


    I would appreciate a response from Alexander Mustard, as you seem to have a lot of experience in these areas, and you work is fantastic.

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