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  1. A few years ago I bought a Iki housing and flash etc from BHphotovideo.com. All the stuff came within a few days. Even counting UPS and VAT it was about 25% cheaper than anything I could find in Europe. That said VAT in Switzerland is only 7.5%. A few months ago I replaced everything for a new Iki setup 20D housing secound flash, lenses etc. This time I arranged a day stop over in Singapore, prices where slightly higher than BHphotovideo, but no shipping and the VAT is refundable or not charged. Import duty is an optional extra, green or red chanel it is your choice . Of course you would have to make a dive trip to Asia but if your are looking for an excuse...
  2. Sorry for maybe stealing in. I was in Secret bay about a month ago and took a snap of a very skittish Banggai Cardinal fish. No prizes for the quality though .My excuse is that it was the end of a 2nd dive and the water temp was 24°c, the AF on my camera didn't seem to be working well. Or maybe it was just the tears in my eyes from the cold. A note for anybody diving here bring a 5mm, from my bitterly garnered experience a 3mm just doesn't cut it. I was more than a little surprised to see this little chap , as I thought you could only find them in Lembeh and the Banggai islands. The dive guide didn't seem at all phased though when I told him what I had seen. Of coarse this was after I had come a shore as he didn't finish the dive with me. Another note for anybody diving here, don't expect an Indonesian dive guide even in a 5mm with hood to stay in 24°c water for more than 30 minutes.
  3. Back again with another question. I hope you guys don't mind me abusing your collective wisdom. Has anybody tried a Woody's Diopter on Ikelites macro port 5502. According to my calculations I will need the 110mm diameter model for this port, could someone confirm this. Also is it usable with the Canons 60mm EFS Macro or dose the 60mm focus so closly that I will end up knocking out the subject with the port ?. Last part of the question can you pick these up in Singapore or only by mail order from Nexus USA. Thanks for any help.
  4. Thanks for all the input especialy William for putting me straight on flat versus domed. The only thing that I am still concerned about is using a fixed or restricted range lens. I don't know how many dives I have been on and the dive master says "OK this is a macro dive" or sum such. So everybody gose off and sets up their macro or wide angle stuff. In we jump and the dive site isn't as described or there is a whale shark (OK this rare) or this viz is naff. As all of my diving takes place on holiday and usualy on a liveaboard, I can't really dive the same site twice. That is why I suggested using a broad zoom lens, that has moderate macro and wide angle capabilities. Even if the optical quality isn't optimale. That way you are safe for 90% of all possibilites. I will just have to change my mind set a little. It seem that the combo 18-55 and Ikelites 8" port (#5510.81) is a possability has anybody tried this out ?
  5. I have had an Olympus 4040Z and an Ikelite housing for 3 years now and have finally outgrown them. However as with the end of all grate love affairs I have that bitter sweet felling of loss. OK I can gladly leave behind the shutter lag, 4 meg pixels and a moody TTL flash system. However the weight and a single fixed port lens combination will be a sorry loss. Not to mention the +4 diopter I kept in my BCD pocket ready to be screwed into the port, for when I needed a to reduce the focusing distance. I currently have a Canon D20 the 18-55 Kit lens and the marvelous Canon 10-22. I will be buying a Ikelite housing for the camera and maybe a second DS125 strobe, that is if I can come up with a really convincing reason for my wife. The 18-55 would be my primary lens at least in the short term, as I do not have much experience of shooting wide angle. So here are my questions, sorry if they have been posted before but I can't find the threads; 1) I would really like to have a one port fits all solution. I have seen a few articles stating that you can but the 18-55 behind Ikelites new 8" dome port #5510.81. Dose anybody know if this is possible or is the lens too long. If this is the case is there any other single port that will accommodate both the lenses. From Iklites tables this doesn’t seem to be the case. The 18-55 would be my primary lens as I do not have much experience of shooting wide angle. 2) If two ports are necessary what is the advantage of using dome (#5503) over a flat port (#5502) for a zoom lens such as the 18-55? 3) Would it be possible to attach a macro filter to the 18-55 and still focus to infinity with the lens in a dome port? I remember seeing somewhere that with a +4 diopter behind a 4" dome this was possible. Thanks for any input or practical experience on this.
  6. I am living in Switzerland and bought an Ikelite housing and DS-125 from B&H photography in New York last month. I looked around for some time before deciding and prices are the lowest in the US. It was at least 50% cheaper even including VAT. Also B&H seem to have quite a good reputation. I paid around $120 US for delivery. This seemed quite expensive at the time, however I placed the order on Monday afternoon and the goods arrived on Friday morning !!. So I can't complain about speed. I think international shipping price are quite high as all goods need to be insured during transit. The camera itself, I bought locally. It wasn't much cheaper by mail order and it was worth spending a little more for the included local 2 year warranty.
  7. Has anybody else tried this. I have a Ikelite housing for a Oly 4040 (6130.1). Is the filter thread size the same as the PT-10 i.e. 67mm. I noticed that SUBAL make a selection of diopters but they are for dome ports, guess the optics are slightly different. The thing that worries me the most is over threading the the port ring. Dose anybody know of what material it is made of on Ikelite hosuings ?
  8. Thanks for the input, it helped me decide that my first decision OLY 4040,DS-125 and Ikelite housing are probably sufficient for a newbie like me. I can't really see the point of buying a Amphibico housing until the LSD sensor is ready. The whole UW digital business is like shooting at a very rapidly moving target. By the time I am pushing OLY 4040 system to its limits in a few years (hopefully) the whole scenario would have changed. And I can start all over again. Thanks again for a really useful site maybe some day, when behind my ears have dried out a little, I will be able to contribute.
  9. I am a new comer to UW photography and after surfing and reading what seems to have been a million pages I am still undecided about what system to purchase. There doesn't seem to be an ideal solution to the restricted budget VS perfect system, I guess there never will be. I had thought about purchasing OLY 4040Z, PT10 and DX90. However with the 5050Z soon to be released and no doubt housings to follow, I have a feeling that I will be kicking myself this time next year for having bought a 4 mega pixel model. As I will be leaving for a 3 week trip to Komodo Alor in two months I don't have the time to wait. The only two affordable 5 mega pixel options seem to be the CoolPixs 5000 and the Sony F707 and of these two, for me the Sony seems to be the best value/feature for money of the two. Anyway my question is has anybody used the F707, Ikelite Housing and DC-125 combination. I noticed a thread started by Clownfish posted on 4-28-2002 who was using this system but reported to have experienced problems with TTL and the DC-125, dose anybody know if this has this been fixed ?. I also looked at the Amphibico housing but I can't seem to find any information on the LSD (Light Sensor Device) or how to use an external flash. Dose anybody have this housing working in TTL or manual mode with a DX90 or DC-125. Would the Ikelite digital TTL slave work with this housing as it seems that the internal flash is blocked ?
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