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  1. Can recommend Sabang(Puerto galera) Check out the diveshop Dive-sabang very good team to go diving whit. Have an apartment there for rent if y go there and need a place to live.
  2. Hi For thoose that is planing to go to Sabang in Philippines to dive and looking for apartment i do have a brand new 2 room apartment whit aircon for rent. 50sqm apartment 15sqm balcony overlooking all sabang. if intrested just send me a massage here or to my email danne@dagphoto.de Diving here is the best been diving now here for 6 month as divemaster.....
  3. found it in Sababng,Philippines thnx for all the help
  4. is that some nudibranch speices?
  5. Shark pic taken in the Shark cave in Sabang Philippines comments on the pic is welcome
  6. perfect now i know the name of it just a very fun looking crab whit the sea urchin on top of it
  7. anyone know what kind of crab this is??
  8. Here is a couple of nudibranches taken in the sabang area in the philippines. all comments are welcome. Taken whit a Sony p150 and Marin light pack
  9. Website updated alot of new photos
  10. The redd and green is still on the woden junk the white on is on the sailboat outside the othere 2 wrecks, a very small frogfish. thnx for the comment,only problem is shooting whit to smal camera, right now waiting for my housing for my D70
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