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  1. Looking for one of these anywhere, I know they made some somewhere. PM me if you have any clues
  2. Uk germany housing and SB105 strobe have gone. The hugyfot housing and ports are open to any semi sensible offer.
  3. Have a major kit clear out to fund a new housing. Nikonos SB105 strobe, charges and goes off £50 Nikonos Synce cable used by fully working £15 Nikons Sync cable boxed New £45 UK Germany Housing for a D lux 4, or Panasonic clone. Used but fully working and serviced. can be modified by to fit newer models £200 ono Hugyfot D7000 housing used but in excellent condition, comes complete with grip stays, hugycheck £1600 Hugyfot Macro port with Glass pt no FLP 607 £200, includes spare glass Hugyfot wide angle port, used some marks on barrel but optics are spot on £240 All items can be shipped and open to sensible offers
  4. I have a GoPro Hero 2, in its plastic housing the focusing and condernsation ar chronic. In a UKGermany housing the focus is better and the condensation is not a problem as there enough room to put in some cheap dessicant sachets. Unlike the gopro extortionate ones. The ability to increase the battery life towards 6 hours would be handy as it saves opening up the housing every hour or so to change the battery. I have met a couple of people who use go pros in ukGermany housings mounted on a sled / cradle with lighting to do sea bed surveys, they are a fraction of the cost of a pupose made drop camera thats good to 100m + Looking forward to the Hugyfot finally coming together. Pete
  5. Hello I have a hugyfot D7000, 90mm macro and wide angle port. all in excellent condition. PM me if your interested Pete
  6. Sorry, no gears - i didn't buy any as i just had primes and trusted the AF. The D7000 body i had has died from overuse shooting time-lapse for the last 6 months on the surface, i bought a d800 to replace it and need to change housings. Pete
  7. Does anyone know anything about the battery pack and monitor that hugyfot show in the pics of the new go pro housing, price, availability etc. I spoke to Hugyfot in the Uk and they didn't have any details on the accessories though the housing will be available soon.
  8. Not trying to hijack posts but you can often find very good strobes at a fraction of new price for sale on these forums, when you have some Inon ones for sale can you let me know
  9. I have a Hugyfot D7000 housing and ports for sale. The housing has the new quick release plate for removing the camera, Hugycheck, stays, ball mount etc. it has done about 20 dives and is in excellent condition and ready to go. Wide angle port - dived about 4 times, excellent condition, maybe the odd slight mark on the finish but nothing image damaging, comes with caps, hood. Glas flat port fLP 607, used about 16 times a few slight marks on the barrel but the glass is clean. comes with caps and spare glass. Looking for offers around £2200 inc shipping in the UK, currently in Inverness Pete
  10. Not that I am trying to hijack the post. but i have a Hugyfot D7000 housing, wide angle port and Macro port for sale, just over a year old and about 20 dives. open to decent offers Pete
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