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  1. Yeah it's still for sale. Are you interested?
  2. Will you sell the triple clamps alone? Maybe with the arms as well?
  3. Which of the cables do you need? Single or Dual? Oh and yes it's for the 105mm
  4. The following items is for sale: Ports: 5503.50 dome 5505.46 macro 5505.58 macro Modular ports: 5510.22 5510.28 Zoom gear: 5509.28 + 2 unknown Cables: 2 x 4103.51 single sync cord 4103.52 double sync cord And arms as seen on photo.. Please make an offer for the items as I just want to sell ASAP. Buy separately or all together for better price. Ships worldwide from Denmark...
  5. Dome port 240, no. 30116 for sale. It has some scratches on the inside of the glass but this ain't seen on pictures. This is the reason for the low price. Only been used a few times. Price: 500
  6. Hugyfot housing for a Nikon d700 for sale. It's used but still in good condition. I'll sell as a set with Nikon d700 (with minor scratch in LCD)' dome port, macro port and 20mm extension ring. If you are interested then please make an offer here or in a private message. I'll consider selling items separately - Andreas
  7. Hi there I own a Nikon D7100 with a Sea&Sea housing on the way. I already have some ideas about which lenses I will buy (I already have 60mm Macro). I will also buy a 105mm (I also need this for my D700), but what about WA. Previously I had the Nikon 10,5 for my old Nikon D80, but now I'm also looking at Tokina 10-17 and Sigma 15 (last one so I also can use it for the D700). Any suggestions? Well I know you all do, but please let me know :-) Have a nice day Andreas
  8. About 1 year. Hasn't been used much. Excellent condition. Write a offer in private message
  9. I'm selling different macro and modular ports... 1. Macro 5505.46 2. Macro 5505.58 3. Modular 5510.28 4. 5510.10 5. Ikelite DS 51 strobe with TTL cable If you want to buy any of this please contact me with a bid. The items are in Denmark.....
  10. I Might be interested. Can you exactly which lenses it is?
  11. Hi again. I dont know what went wrong, but my account dont really work. So I use this one now. But I'm still interested. I dont seem to be able to write you private either, so if you send me a pm. Best regards Andreas
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