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  1. If you don't want to do macro the for me always is better because you can be closer of the subject than with a semi wideangle. I use the Canon 17-40 and it is perfect. CarlesCastillo.com
  2. Is better if you show us a photo (if possible). CarlesCastillo.com
  3. I am agree with you, the only option for obtain a correct WB with any bmcc is the RAW. Looking this, I will not buy it for my underwater video because RAW need to much space in disc.
  4. No, is not posible in the Black magic camera to fix a manual white blance, only can choose between the selected Temp that the menu offer you, and underwater I think this is a BIG PROBLEM (if you don´t want to shoot in RAW/DNG). Another solution for the WB underwater?
  5. Yes, and the Temp of the water is maybe more than 15000ºK and you will fix the camera at 7500ºK, this means that the blue will be an artificial blue and not a really blue. Other solution is to put a red filter in the camera and fix the Temp to the lights, but I think never will have a perfect white balance with the blue. I am thinking in buy a new underwater video equipment and I am studying the BMCC 4K, but before I have to resolve this problem of the WB underwater, becuase shooting in RAW means that I will need A LOT OF space in discs.
  6. If you chose to shoot in ProRes - and to get the best possible quality - you will need to nail the WB while shooting (either by grey card - look at the the Amphibico (here), using something white Hi all, About the white balance in PRORES, how can you use the Amphibico white balance card if you have not a white balance push button in the camera? You only have different white balance valors (3500, 4500,...) but you can not fix it pushing a button like a normal video camera.
  7. Hi all, About the BMCC or the BM 4K the problem underwater has to be the same: the white balance. You have to fix a manual white balance ( 3200, 4500, 5000, 5600, 6500 or 7500ºK) and it is impossible to fix another valor here, for this reason is very difficult to have a perfect underwater white balance. If you want to film in RAW is not a problem, but if you want don´t want to film in RAW you will obtain images with blue or red dominant. What do you think about it? How is possible to obtain a perfect white balance underwater in PRORES?
  8. Dear friends, This weekend I had to test my NX5 underwater with a Subspace housing, but finally I have decided to buy a new equipment for film underwater. I will buy the Canon 5D Mark III or similar. for this reason finally I have not tested the camera. The reason of this change is that the weight of the NX5 with the housing and lights and external monitor is more than 20Kg, and for travel ... Nothing else, only don´t forget that the F100 has similar problems that the NX5, and for this reason could be the codec. good dives.
  9. Hi bottlefish, I am agree with you, but I think a lot of people (like me, for example) likes saturated and contrasted images, but you have reason.
  10. Hi all, I have read the PDF´s, I have watched the clips (Evert) and really I have arrived to the conclusion that here only there is a problem: a correct adjust of the picture profile. I know that the images of NX5 without a corrected picture profile are very very very flat, and maybe the images of this camera are a little bit less sharp that another cameras, but if you have a good picture profile, the images change a lot, and I think this is all the problem (well, I have not seen the underwater real images, I only have seen the images from the youtube). If the degraded of the colour blue is correct between sun and deep water (without banding) and you have a adjusted picture profile, I think the NX5 will be a very good camera for film underwater. Next week I will receive the housing and will test the camera underwater and then I will can speak more about it and their problems.
  11. I have seen the clip and I think the sharpness is good. I think the problem is in the contrast. You can add contrast in the picture profiles of the camera or with the computer, in the edition. The other problem is the white balance. The water seems a little bit green, is not blue blue. I think you can change the color of the water using a red filter. This filter will convert the water in blue and will give you more contrast in the image. I know that the camera need a lot of light for fix the manual white balance. One solution is to put the gain in auto and the camera will add a lot of db, after it, you can press the manual white balance button and I think the camera will fix it because will arrive more light to the sensor. If with this system the camera fix the manual white balance, then before rec you will have to put the gain at manual (0 db). I will try to do this thing underwater next week but if you can, would be good if you test it with your camera and then we will can compare the results and look for a solution. The best wishes, Carles Castillo.
  12. Hi Enver, where is the footage? I always work with Manual db=0; auto IRIS; Manual Shutter = 50 With this the PD150 work perfectly. The color is another thing. I will test it next week.
  13. Hi Evert, I work with the NX5 and the next week I will receive a housing for test it underwater. The housing is not Amphibico, is Subspace. All the people that has used the NX5 underwater say that there are a lot of problems of white balance, sharpness, colors,.... All the people that I have spoken has used Amphibico, but I think so that the problem is the camera or the codec, because the same problems has with the FS100 (AVCHD like NX5). After test the camera I will write here my opinions. I have been filming underwater a lot of years with Sony PD150 (great camera underwater) with Amphibico and I don´t know if the NX5 will be a great workhorse like Sony PD 150. We will see. Please, upload here some images and say us how have you filmed them and will can study the problems.
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