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  1. Oh how quickly things change!!
  2. Completely agree on the mind set (and camera set-up) of going in with a macro OR WA, and 9 times out of 10 that is exactly what I do. Just every now I and then there is a bit of everything!! And that is when I need to be disciplined! The used market in Singapore if far less active than it is in the states or elsewhere! This also means it is more difficult for me to sell my "pre-loved" goods. Also I have all the wet lenses for a compact camera (macro and WA). So the extra costs is really "only" the new compact + housing (so say $800 for camera + $1100 for top of the line Nauticam or $550 for the Fantasea). So max $2grand. Would one be able to get a comparable full mu3/4 system that can do both macro and WA for that? ALSO the last comment is on size. The compacts just are so so much more ...well...compact! But I hear you...and I will keep an eye on the second hand market.
  3. Such an interesting comment! I am firmly still in the former camp! I have a serious case of FOMO!!! I can not seem to be able to give up that flexibility of taking WA & macro in the same dive. Take for instance the Liberty Wreck, there are great WA scenes and on the sand flats out to the wreck there may be dotnut nudis! I do feel though with new Canon G7X m3 (and the Sony RX100 m5) you can have both! I will never have the cash to go mirrorless, and do not dive enough times a year to ever make it "worthwhile". So I may just be stuck in the world of mediocrity! BUT I can see how by focusing on one thing would bring about better results. Definitely something I will think about on my next dive trip...
  4. After an early morning dive with the bumpheads I love spending time up at the stern. It is super colorful and there are always a ton of fish swimming around and with the sun low in the sky you can get some great sun beam shots. _DSC5330 by Angmo Al, on Flickr
  5. Joe Having been there three times (you can search my trip reports on Scuba Board) I can honestly say that you will have a great dive trip. In terms of diving, you dive when you want, where you want and how you want! As for tips... 1) One "criticism" is that they are fairly hands off at the resort, there is no real manager coming around to ask how you are (some might call this a blessing). So if you need something or want to know something go and ask. Ask and you will get! As soon as something is not going to your plan then let them know. They will bend over backwards to make you happy. 2) The ocean Villa's are more expensive, but if you can afford it I would say they are definitely worth it. The day bed outside facing the ocean is such a great place to chill out between dives. 3) We had a few days of big waves and it was dangerous to get into the boats. So that can happen. BUT as you said I can not believe they would let one group dive and not someone else, unless they had good reason to! 4) Leave a good tip for the whole resort...they all work hard and deserve it. 5) The early morning dive at the wreck for the bumpheads is a ZOO!! But it is worth doing it once. 6) In terms of expectation setting, the food is ok to good but not amazing, and the diving is good but not as good as Lembeh. Enjoy
  6. I agree mostly with the above, with the following exceptions: 1) The AC's are noisy 2) The beds are very hard...well at least for me. And quite creaky, so if I tossed and turned a bit at night it would wake up the missus. 3) Corrie was not so fond of our two kids (they are quite busy!! !! But she did professionally tolerated them and she did assist with our many requests. One such point of contention was like at all other resorts the kids loved climbing up and exploring the boats (I've never been told I cant), but here it was an emphatic NO! Even when it was empty and I was with them! But the rest of the staff loved the kids so I cant really complain. 4) As mentioned the food was a bit hit and miss, but they really tried their hardest to please their guests. If they replaced the beds and properly serviced the AC's I would have no issues returning.
  7. Hi Wolf I have written two reports on Mimpi on scubaboard. Do a search for Mimpi Indah. The last trip there we had a really poor dive guide. If after the first dive you feel the guide is not up to scratch then dont hesitate to tell Owen. Otherwise enjoy Bangka it really has some amazing diving and some really good critters.
  8. I know Luko (Wolf Eel) thinks Scuba Seraya is a tad on the expensive side of things, and I suppose he is not wrong, but it is a very comfortable resort. We are heading back in July. Everything went so smoothly in Nov and it was exactly what we were looking for, so why fix something that aint broken?! And we get 10% return discount. This time round though we will take some time to visit some of the other resorts and check them out ourselves for the next... next time. Villa Markisa is an stunning boutique resort.... but that was definitely a step too far for my bank account.
  9. Good little article Interceptor. When I read that Nauticam was changing to a port system for the Gx7 I was very disappointed. The only advantage compacts have over micro 4/3 and DSLRs is their versatility. And now that has been taken away. Not cool man!! Although Inon did introduce the S100ZM80 + dome for the G15/16. Would this not work with the G7X?
  10. OOHHH MY GOODNESS!!!! EIGHT TRIPS!!! That's one every 6 weeks!! I'm not jealous at all!!! Great shots, you've done all of those wonderful places justice.
  11. Definitely look at the Sony RX100. Takes amazing shots if you are willing to go through the learning curve and deal with its idiosyncrasies. I was a long time G11 user and the lack of WA wet lenses drove me to the Sony.
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