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  1. Question why not pick up a ys ball adapter arm? See them on ebay for about 18$ shipped
  2. Looking to buy a housing for a sony rx100mk2 Please let me know what you might have available Thanks
  3. Selling an Olympus UFL-1 Strobe. Asking 160$+shipping Please PM me if interested
  4. I would recommend belize dive services to go and dive with. Went out with them when I was there earlier this year
  5. You should probably be able to plug it into your laptop and copy the pictures off like it was a camera. That is what I do with mine with my work laptop if I want to get pics off of it Only downside to this is that you can't easily get the one group of pics as they are not grouped together in this view
  6. Price wise it is hard to beat the deals on the olympus epm1 with housing and zoom gear for 500 as a starter to a system
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