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  1. Hi, I've the same problem with my MDX D300 but only in use with Sigma 8-16. I've noticed that the tolerance of the rear buttons; especially view and trash, is very very little. In opposite the Sea&Sea plastic rail camera - housing lock system present a wide tolerance. So we must be very carefully mounting the camera in the housing. It's frustranting but I suggest to do a lot of locking tests before jump in the water by
  2. Hi guys, I shot with the Sigma 8-16 in Sea&Sea Mdx D300 housing. For good results I use the Extension Ring 40 on Sea&Sea Fish Eye big Dome Port. I'm satisfied of the results, the image quality at the corner is quite good at all focal lengths and the deep of field is amazing. The italian Sea&Sea dealer has made a modification to the Sea&Sea 17-35/2.8 Nikon zoom gear that allow to fit the 8-16 Sigma. Now I can zoom below the water
  3. Craig please, can you tell us which kind of dome have you fit on 20mm extension? thank you
  4. Isotta has made a great housing! I've touched with my hands their product in Eudishow in Milan last week end: very very impressive quality manufacture. Moreover I've recognized a lot of similitude with Seacam housing. Of course Isotta housing still needs a serious Dome port. In spite of Mr. Isotta said to me that are available a lot of adapter that allow to mount different manufacturers ports to Isotta housing. I'm ready to do some experiments. Today I'm a Sea&Sea user, and I came from Aquatica, but Isotta at the time is a strong temptation!
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