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  1. I have a Canon 5D in an Aquatica housing with 2 Ikelite DS-125 strobes. I know that with the current setup there is no TTL exposure compensation for the strober. What other part do I need, and does it work? Steve
  2. Thanks Mike, I will shoot up a bit more I never even thought about the reef back there, but you are right it would be better without it. Thanks again steve
  3. Thanks! I will try to remember to at least put a diver behind something like this next time. I like the out of focus parts, I think it gives a sense of depth and a little artistic flavor. Thanks again Steve
  4. I like this version also, thank you
  5. Lower would have been better I agree but I didnt bring the shovel on that dive I will try the blur-ing idea, but I like the way it is centered, I know the 'rule' of thirds but I like the center framing in this particular case. Anyone else?
  6. I have the 5D in an Aquatica housing with 2 Ikelite DS-125 strobes. The strobes I already had otherwise I would go with something with a smaller profile. I love the housing and the position of the controls is no problem for me they are all within easy reach. I think I will shell out for the viewfinder because that is my only complaint.
  7. How can I best improve this shot?
  8. This guy was in about the same place as the flamingo tongue. I altered the color becaues in the natural light the white shell got lost in the equally white sand. Any other suggestions on this? I can post the original if anyone wants to see that too.
  9. I think the lighting in the foreground is a little harsh. I think turning down the strobe a stop would help.
  10. It has all been said, but I like the original post. While it is a little dark it adds some element of mystery for me. I imaging hearing scary music in the background.
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