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  1. We have sea &sea 350d available if you are interested
  2. Pm sent. I am interested if moody doesn't take it thanks
  3. Thanks for sharing, after reviewing your thread we are going on Sunday :0)
  4. Spelling Oops !! I didn't see any on the night snorkel either fortunately and as for teeth marks you can keep those!
  5. Great shots, I can't wait to go back on dolphin dream, such relaxed diving and like you say very comfortable. Nice photos! Getting in the water with the dolphins at night was an experience I will never forget. I was slightly wary of any rogue ** sharks at the time though.
  6. If January then Maldives but don't go in December, we went twice in December and it rained a lot every single day. We enjoyed diving in Bali and Komodo (but some of Bali and Komodo is not warm water ! Nusa penida was 17 degrees. Great variety of diving and nice island life too. I would go back in a flash. Ten days would also get you a trip to tiger beach without too much travelling
  7. Looking for housing for canon 650d or 7d, preferably based in the uk. Must be in excellent condition.
  8. Hi I am Louise and am just starting the process of reviewing dslrs and housings before taking the plunge into investing in all this astronomically priced gear :0). Have been taking basic video with an ikelite housing and Sony pc1000 but now want to move to dslr. Lou
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