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  1. I couldnt agree more with you mate, but I am unsure why you think a compact is still the way to go? From the numerous articles etc which I have read regarding underwater photography it is my understanding that U/W photography calls for the ability to change and adapt your shots more so than topside photography. The light, sealife how close you can actually get etc changes from metre to metre of water, I dont want to go out and buy a brand new best of the best DSLR but I think extending my budget to buy a decent second hand setup would be a worthwhile investment as opposed to buying another compact digital. Thanks for the reply nick.
  2. Ditto could we get some pics and prices or packahe prices cheers
  3. Hey there guys, I am writing this thread as a very novice photographer who loves diving snorkelling and general marine life. Basically I bought a Fujifilm Finepix F100FD 11MGP and waterproof housing with a fisheye and macro wet lens. I have used this camera only a few times but have found that the pictures are not great at all. It is also extremely difficult to change any aperture or shutterspeed settings without having to spend 5 minutes searching through the menu to achieve the settings you want and as most of you know generally the time has passed to take the shot you wanted. With all that being said I am in two minds of whether to buy another macro lense and some flashes for my Fuji or to source a second hand DSLR setup. If anyone can help me out with deciding on a good DSLR setup or thinks that I should improve on what I already have please let me know. My general feeling is that a Compact Digital is ok for underwater but the ability to control settings manually really lets it down. Thanks for reading, Nick.
  4. Hey mate you got a number i can Contact you on asap
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