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  1. Interested in splitting them up? I recently flooded one of my z240's so I only need one replacement.
  2. I'm looking for one if someone else wants to split. Just flooded one of mine last week.
  3. If there's interest in splitting any of it up here's some prices which do not include shipping: Nauticam Housing & Vacuum valve $600 6" Dome Port $300 E-M5mkII with extra batteries, charger, grip $400 Panasonic 7-14mm with zoom gear $400
  4. Upgraded to a new system so my old one is up for sale. It's an Olympus E-M5mkII micro 4/3 camera, Nauticam housing with vacuum valve, dome port, and Panasonic 7-14mm wide angle lens with 3D printed zoom gear. This was my wide angle setup for a while until I got a new camera and a WWL port. Camera and housing have been used on approximately 100-150 dives by me, and was purchased used from Wetpixel in 2018. Everything is in working order, but definitely shows signs of use. Dome port has some very light marks that don't show up in photos. Dome port also has weights added to offset the positive buoyancy that tries to flip the dome up towards the surface when diving. Camera comes with 4x batteries plus charger as well as an aftermarket grip that works in a tripod. Wide lens shows no scratches or imperfections. Electrical tape is covering the lens labels on the front so it doesn't reflect onto dome during use. Ready to go as a package, will only need an Olympus flash or nauticam flash trigger if you want to use external flashes when diving. I can break up if desired, but preferred to sell all together. Price is $1500 for everything plus shipping.
  5. Personally, Sea & sea lost me as a customer with the poor quality of the YS-D2. I won't buy another strobe from them. I had 3 of them fail on me. The D2J was supposed to be better, but I didn't want to keep it long enough to find out. Just because of that I'd be looking between Inon z300 and the new Retras.
  6. I have an opened up S&S YS-D2 strobe if you want photos of that as well. The non-J model.
  7. Bump this up, now asking $450 plus shipping.
  8. Up for sale is my YS-D2J (updated japanese made version, not original D2). It's had maybe 50-60 dives on it, still in great condition, never flooded. Selling because I switched to a pair of Inon z240's. Looking for $500 plus shipping. Would prefer US buyers.
  9. Right, most of the time it's not an issue. I found that 24x36 it starts to have issues though. All my prints below that have been fine. Really only an issue if you are trying to be printing huge regularly. For one off stuff you can do some tricks to make the big prints look better.
  10. Minor correction here, but that wouldn't be anywhere near 300DPI. It would be around half that. The 16MP sensor will do prints that size, but it will start to break down on the quality a bit. I've got the same sized sensor in my E-M5mkII and have printed large, but it definitely doesn't have the same detail as an 11x14 would. Honestly, at this point I would just bite the bullet and get something full frame instead of M4/3. I would like to switch at this point, but definitely can't spend that kind of money.
  11. Looking to buy 1 Inon Z240 strobe since my YS-D2 failed on me yet again. Not looking for any Sea & Sea strobes at this point. Would prefer a US Shipper.
  12. Nice results. Can you share how you did the calculations? I'm assuming the goal is to correct both to roughly half way between the strobe color temp and water color temp and set the camera to that?
  13. Sea & Sea also has no customer service to speak of as well. I contacted them several times about my recent strobe failure and haven't heard anything back. Not happy with them at all. Save your money and buy different ones. Maybe they will learn when people stop buying their crappy products.
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