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  1. Rest in Power Chuck. Iconic talent. Respects to his family.
  2. Seacam Sony A72 Housing System -Seacam A72 housing -vacuum system -Seacam custom bulkhead for Dive and See DNC 7A on board monitor -Seacam custom focus and zoom gearing for Sony 16-35 2.8 G lens -Seacam custom SPF custom port adapter with focus gearing for Sony 16-35 2.8 G lens -Seacam Superdome with neoprene cover: Seacam PVL port adapter -Dive and See DNC 7A monitor: sunshade, mounting cold shoe x 2 -Seacam M8 ball adapter -100 HDMI monitor to surface video feed cable -Sony A7S2 camera body, batteries, chargers x 2 -accessories -$4850 USD
  3. Leica X-U Underwater Digital Camera Fixed 23mm f1.7 lens APS-C sensor 16mp Close focus to 20cm Integrated flash Anodized aluminum dials Audi design Light use-100 captures. $2300 obo
  4. RED WEAPON UNDERWATER HOUSING FOR SALE Accepts Red Weapon, Dragon, Epic, Scarlet, Raven Includes: Flat or Dome port Port Extender- personal preference: choice of one of three: 4 3/8", 7 1/2" or 8 3/4" (made for short zooms) Manual focus, iris and zoom gearing and shafts Red Monitor Housing Seal Check Vacuum Water Alarm Assorted tools Spares kit Instruction manual on disc Manufactured by Gates Does not include: camera body, lenses or batteries $14,000. obo
  5. Nauticam A72 Housing, for Sony A7S2 or A7R2, configured for Sony 16-35mm f4 E mount lens w/ TV Logic VFM-058W monitor. Pkg includes: -Nauticam NA-A72 Housing -Nauticam SE1635-Z zoom gear for Sony 16-35mm f4 E Mount Lens -Nauticam SE1635-F focus gear for Sony 16-35mm f4 E Mount Lens -Nauticam N100-N120 35.5mm Port Adapter -Nauticam N120 Extension Ring 50 w/ lock -Nauticam 230mm Optically Coated Glass Fisheye Dome Port -Nauticam NA-058 Housing for TV Logic VFM-058W Monitor -Nauticam 45m (150ft) Surface Monitor Cable -Nauticam Standard HDMI Bulkhead w/M16 thread -Nauticam HDMI (A-D) Cable in 750mm length -Nauticam.3mm SDI Cable (internal from camera to bulkhead) -Nauticam M16 SDI bulkhead -Nauticam M14 Vacuum Valve w/ Pump Original purchase price $8883.00 Selling for $4900.00 Condition: Excellent (some scuff marks on the south end of the dome shade; scratch marks on south end of the housing back plate, both from current conditions)
  6. Shutter count is 8436
  7. Seacam 5D Mk2 System System has been used on such productions as "Man of Steel" and "Bates Motel" Housing: Seacam 5D Mk2 housing 230 Superdome Seacam pro G viewfinder Seacam 57.5 Port Extender Seacam gears for 16-35mm Seacam 105 Macro Port Seacam gears for 100mm 2-Seacam strobe cables (Nikonos connector) Camera: Canon 5d Mk2 body Canon 16-35mm T.2.8 lens 2-Canon batteries & charger 2-16gb flash cards 1-32 gb flash card Accessories: Gates EM43 SD Monitor Custom conversion for Live View underwater to surface feed Impulse underwater Y splitter 50' underwater coax cable w/ bnc connector to surface feed Pelican 1620 case Price $7500
  8. FOR SALE: Gates Deep Red housing designed by underwater guru Howard Hall Housing only, no camera, lenses or batteries Recently serviced by Gates in June 2013 (service report incl) Housing was used 6 times in chlorinated & fresh water, on tv series "Sanctuary" & 2012 Olympics commercials. PORTS: 1-SP80 Glass Dome 1-FP80 Glass Flat Custom made aluminum port extender for Angeniuex 15-40mm, manufactured by Gates, 1st one off the assembly line. Custom engraved focus & iris knob for Angenieux 15-40mm 4-spare focus, iris & zoom discs for multiple lenses 1-Red Monitor housing: new updated cable mount (monitor not included) 2-100' HD-SDI cables Gates Seal Check (batteries incl) Trim weights All tools Spare o-rings, bolts, latches, screws (never used) Extech infrared thermometer 1-Storm case (housing) 2-Pelican cases (1-ports, acc's; 1-Seal Check) Free shipping Price $9500, obo
  9. I have had the same issue, in regards to something as seemingly simple as ad posts.
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