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  1. Dear All, I hope we can get R5 next week and upload the new software for R5 /Inon Z330. and R5/ Ikelite DS series. Please check Our blog for the news. Regards Balazs TRT-Electronics.
  2. Unfortunately I don' t have Retra Prime, so i can't speak about it. But i have Retra PRO what i mentioned.
  3. I forget one more plus point to Retra Pro. The HSS!!! This is the only one strobe in the market which works in HSS mode with LED triggers manual mode.
  4. Hi. If you like TTL photo shooting with led triggers the Inon Z330 is better than the Retra Pro. The Inon series has really sensible photosensors in the strobe and in TTL mode the Inon more accurate then the Retra. But.... If you like the manual shooting i think the Retra Pro is the best choice in the market nowadays. I have both strobe for testing! But i usually use the Retra PRO because i love the Retra snoot technology. The second point for Retra pro the circle tube and the special glass of front which makes perfect illumination! I forget the Sea and Sea line because that's had so many problems with tube and warranty policy.
  5. Hi There. Yes You are right . This was a historical question. When we developed the TURTLE family first two members the Canon and the Nikon was the leader of the market in the UW photographers. After one year we saw the SONY is coming with their MILC full frame bodies. ...And we pushed the Sony decoding and announced the first Sony at 2018. At last not but least the last decision was the olympus line decoding. . If you need more information i recommend the TURTLE BLOG. We try to share so many useful informations about technology or just some competition or trip. https://www.trt-electronics.com/blog/ Regards Balazs
  6. Hi. It depends on the usage. I say the TURTLE knows approx 1500 pictures with one charge, but some users said it works one week with one chagre. If you slide on the hotshoe the TURTLE and also switch on the cam and the TURTLE . There is a BAT text of the back of TURTLE and a LED which is blinking if the batter is 10-15%. Regards Balazs
  7. Dear All,, We made a new blog in Our site. I think we catch all information about the HSS functionality and wrote a deeply technical blog. You can find here. https://www.trt-electronics.com/blog/the-hss-and-the-turtle-smart/27/ Regards Balazs
  8. Dear all! We tested the s-TURTLE SMART(SONY) and the i-TURTLE SMART(NIKON) with RETRA PRO in HSS mode. BTW in TTL too! The result was great! The Sony A7R2 1/8000. , The Sony A6000 1/4000 and the Nikon D7100 knows the 1/8000 shutter speed. We will make a blog in Our website soon how works the HSS and why need the Retra Pro to use it. Here is the links to the results: Sony A6000. with Seafrogs saltedline housing: Sony A7R2 And last not but least the i-TURTLE SMART (nikon) controlled Retra PRO strobe results. If you need more info please write us! Regards Balazs Kurucz
  9. Dear Thomas, I would like to tell you some informations about the TURTLE products. First of all the o-TURTLE works with Olympus system. If you would like to use the sony line to Sony A6000 series your choose would be the s-TURTLE SMART Mobie version. This type works with all Sony system A 6000 to A7 series. https://www.trt-electronics.com/shop/s-turtle-mobie-smart-ttl-trigger-for-sony-systems/16/ We made this type with small cable not built in hotshoe. The cause of this the space above the camera hotshoe. Compare: The biggest difference the UW technics trigger and Our products is the battery type. As i know the UW technics use CR2032 battery which is changeable. We prefer the LIPO cell which is chargeable. If you need more information please don't hesitate to write us the support@trt-electronics.com mail. Regards Balazs
  10. Dear All, I would like to inform you about the TRT-electronics and Retra Pro TTL characteristic. We updated the i-TURTLE, s-TURTLE, o-TURTLE software on the website to use the Retra Pro in TTL mode. We are working on the HSS possibility and the new orders will contain this function in manual mode. Best Balazs
  11. Hi. The trigger can makes the HS from LED side , but the underwater strobes can not sense these signal.
  12. Hello ,, The curtain what was you could see there. The flashsync is not real sync. You can read here how works the high speed: https://www.exposureguide.com/high-speed-sync-flash/ Maybe you can set the strobe to full power and there is fill the gap in the HS curtain moving. Regards Balazs
  13. Hello I used 140 mm. But if you would like to use it in 8 mm , The cover would be remove. Reg. Balazs
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