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  1. Dear All,, We made a new blog in Our site. I think we catch all information about the HSS functionality and wrote a deeply technical blog. You can find here. https://www.trt-electronics.com/blog/the-hss-and-the-turtle-smart/27/ Regards Balazs
  2. Dear all! We tested the s-TURTLE SMART(SONY) and the i-TURTLE SMART(NIKON) with RETRA PRO in HSS mode. BTW in TTL too! The result was great! The Sony A7R2 1/8000. , The Sony A6000 1/4000 and the Nikon D7100 knows the 1/8000 shutter speed. We will make a blog in Our website soon how works the HSS and why need the Retra Pro to use it. Here is the links to the results: Sony A6000. with Seafrogs saltedline housing: Sony A7R2 And last not but least the i-TURTLE SMART (nikon) controlled Retra PRO strobe results. If you need more info please write us! Regards Balazs Kurucz
  3. Dear Thomas, I would like to tell you some informations about the TURTLE products. First of all the o-TURTLE works with Olympus system. If you would like to use the sony line to Sony A6000 series your choose would be the s-TURTLE SMART Mobie version. This type works with all Sony system A 6000 to A7 series. https://www.trt-electronics.com/shop/s-turtle-mobie-smart-ttl-trigger-for-sony-systems/16/ We made this type with small cable not built in hotshoe. The cause of this the space above the camera hotshoe. Compare: The biggest difference the UW technics trigger and Our products is the battery type. As i know the UW technics use CR2032 battery which is changeable. We prefer the LIPO cell which is chargeable. If you need more information please don't hesitate to write us the support@trt-electronics.com mail. Regards Balazs
  4. Dear All, I would like to inform you about the TRT-electronics and Retra Pro TTL characteristic. We updated the i-TURTLE, s-TURTLE, o-TURTLE software on the website to use the Retra Pro in TTL mode. We are working on the HSS possibility and the new orders will contain this function in manual mode. Best Balazs
  5. Hi. The trigger can makes the HS from LED side , but the underwater strobes can not sense these signal.
  6. Hello ,, The curtain what was you could see there. The flashsync is not real sync. You can read here how works the high speed: https://www.exposureguide.com/high-speed-sync-flash/ Maybe you can set the strobe to full power and there is fill the gap in the HS curtain moving. Regards Balazs
  7. Hello I used 140 mm. But if you would like to use it in 8 mm , The cover would be remove. Reg. Balazs
  8. Hi. I have been using the 8-15mm Canon Fisheye with metabone in Sony A7R2 last year. The results are great. Fantastic views in 8 mm and perfect pictures all range. I've tested F4 to F22.... I know this is not a cheap way , but in sony system thats the best way i think.
  9. Hi Wapiti, Yes you are right. We had a problem with the old type printed housings ,but the new SMART series built from ABS plastic. Please check the website for any infos or if you need more technical details, just write to Us: support@trt-electronics.com https://www.trt-electronics.com/shop/o-turtle-smart-ttl-trigger-for-olympus-and-panasonic-systems/1/ Regards Balazs
  10. Hi Pavel. Did you check the A6000 series? I think there is only 1/160.
  11. If you would like to use TTL function the max shutter speed is 1/250 in a7 series. The A 6000 series max is 1/160. The High speed sync in TTL mode is not preferred. If you want use it over 1/250 You have to set the strobe max power and reduce the light with aperture and iso. Thats the only right way. I think there is not high speed flash in the underwater market.
  12. Im join the club. I have a robbed tube D2 old and the second has electrical problem. Nobody answerd any mail from Sea and Sea! But we would like to repair those. After i bought a new D2J and tested that. The results is frustrating. The strobe does not work under 1/64. The sensor is very very poor quality. The second problem: If there are two prefelash in the expo , (Oly, or Nikon) the strobe signed the expo was correct but the 3rd flashing is not work because the expo was done with the second preflash and the strobe goes standby. Does anybody has same situation? Balazs..
  13. Dear Dive4Fun, We are so sorry your trip. Sometime we had same situation with other technics at the past. But. All Turtle users are very important to Us and we also would like to help in this case. If you send back the TURTLE we can check what was the problem and send you a new one with new warranty. We are open for every user and try to help every situation. Please write me to the supportATtrt-electronics.com, how can we organise the repair or change. Regards Balazs
  14. Dear Dave, The TURTLE can works approx 30 dives. At the last may we werein Bali and we take 200 pictures /dive and 4 dives/day. The TURTLE was charged only two times at two weeks. If the Turtle battery is 20% the red led at the back is blinking. We tested the TURTLE Sea and Sea, Inon, Nauticam and 10 Bar cables. The strobes: Inon series, IKELITE Ds 125/160, Sea and SeaD1, D2 ,SUBTRONIC etc. If you have any question, just write me. support@trt-electronics.com Regards Balazs
  15. Does anyone knows Sea and Sea service center in Europe? One of my D2 strobe is working wrong in TTL mode with optical sync. Thank you for every useful information. Balazs...
  16. Hello Miguel, The Inon and the D1 sensor is the best in the market now. I think you have to try multicore optical cable to the correct firing. Balazs...
  17. Yes , please write me for details to info@trt-electronics.com. Thank you. Balazs.
  18. Hi There. If we get a pair of Retra we implement the Turtle just in few days. Balazs (TRT-Electronics)
  19. Hi Joe, The i-TURTLE can switch the manual mode to ttl and back during the dive. We made a special function in the software. If you switch the small display backlight on and off the system swith to manual from TTL and ofcourse if you switch again the system will be manual. You can find here a video from that. Best Balazs
  20. Hello Everybody, WE have announced the new o-TURTLE what is working olympus and Panasonic cameras fully controlled TTL. http://trt-electronics.com/product/o-turtle-adapter-olympus-systems/ If you have any questions don't hesitate to write Us! Balazs.
  21. We can offer to you the new TURTLE what is working with 100 candela smd power LED. We tested S&S D1, D2 Inon Z240,Z330 and Subtronic flashes with optical cables.
  22. Hi all. We have TTL Triggers for SONY. The new one will be available two weeks later! I think this will be fitting in the nauticam housing The measurs are only 36x26x16 mm. Please visit Our website next two weeks or write to me. Best Balazs TRT-ELECTRONICS.
  23. Hi. The D2 has a little poor sensor what is calibrated for internal flash. When we developed the TURTLE we pushed lot of energy how we find the correct LED and drive to got maximum power for the D2! If you have chance to change your strobe my opinion you can find used INON Z240 in the market wich has very sensitive optical sensor.
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