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  1. Hi Sorry it was not exact answer... Yes we took the pictures with s-TURTLE in TTL mode and used the optical sync and LED control. The optical cable was inon multicore and sea and sea molticore cable. Balazs
  2. Hi.. I upload some testpictures what we made in croatia last summer with A7R2 , INON Z240 and Nauticam housing. If you have any question please write me. Balazs F2.8 ISO 100 100 mm CANON IS USM Metabone adapter. F8 F11 F16
  3. Looks so nice! We are waiting for the test results!
  4. Hi Draq Measure the diameter and if it is approximatley 1,5 mm the fiber core the cable works fine. Balazs
  5. Hi.. The first nikon version knows approximately 4000 full flashes. We did have not time to measure this , but i think the o-TURTLE will work more then 4000. The full charging time is 30 mintues. We will release a new version next week what can be fit in the olympus housing That will be the o-TURTLE45. I think You can read about that in the main page. The o-TURTLE is availabel now, and the new o-TURTLE45 will be available after next week! The USA shipping is one and half week with UPS! If you have any question don't hesitate to write me! Balazs
  6. Hello everybody, The TTL question : We set the TURTLE to the perfect TTL mode, and try to tried all possibilities in surface and underwater also. If we find a bug in the software we repair this. We are in contact few professional photographer who test the products and we will make an article with testphotos for o-TURTLE and Olympus systems as soon as possible. The recharging and overheating is a problem if somebody use the internal flashes. Usually use more the 75% power in the internal flash for the perfect wideangle pictures. I think the internal flash makes 5-10 pictures in a minute and will be owerheat. The LED triggers works continuosly . The limit is the underwater strobe capacity. The second problem with the internal flashes is the flash tube characteristic. The internal flash and the underwater strobe characteristic not same. Just let's see the tube size! I hope we can gives helpful answers. Have a nice day Balazs
  7. Dear Rodof, I'm really interested in your package. Can you tell me what is you last price?
  8. Hi These are the settings for Z240 TTL mode: The left side you have to switch S-TTL mode. Right button for M6 normal sync cord TTLmode and also working with optical sync multicore cable. We tested all electronics with these setup. And here is the right setting for the optical sync: For the maximum power you have to use TTL converter. Check the TURTLE!
  9. I would recommend it to contact with NiMAR becasue the TRT-Electronics has contact with them. The TRT electronics has two possibilities to connect TTL strobe to NiMAR housing. 1. You can connect the TURTLE to the built in bulkhead and you can use "Y"sync cord calbe to the 2 pcs INON Z240. http://trt-electronics.com/product/turtle-board-basic-copy-2/ 2. You can fixing LED NiMAR panel to inside the housing and you can glue the multicore optical cable holder outside the housing. If you need more information here is the support: support@trt-electronics.com I hope we can help you! Balazs.
  10. Dear Wolfgang, Wich type of multicore cable do you have? We use Sea and Sea II cable and that's work all strobes. What is the exact problem? Can you write it? We can help to you if you can share the problem. Best Balazs (TRT-ELECTRONICS)
  11. Hello Wolfgang, I read this topic now, but here is the settings what you have to set in D500 menu. Please switch off the LCD backlight in the D500 menu (d9) for the correct TTL pictures! The i-TURTLE and the new XS switch the manual/ TTL mode with the backlight switching if somebody wants to switch this mode during the dive! There is cause of the wrong pictures with D500 some users, becasue the default setting is on the d9. The new TURTLE has a DIP when the user can be switch the default mode. (TTL/MANUAL) I hope we can help in this case. If anyboday has question does not hesitate to write me! Balazs (TRT-ELECTRONICS)
  12. Dear all, I plan to buy a sony camera, but i don't know which type would be the good choice! I have Nikon D7100 and Canon 7d mk ii with Tokina 10-17 and 60 mm macro. Can i use these lens in SONY cam with full functionality? Maybe with metabone adapter? Thank you for the answers. Balazs
  13. Hello, If you copy the buit in flash you will have never 100% correct pictures, because the built in flash tube not same the D1 or INON or something else. That is the problem. Try it a LED TTL flash trigger with multicore cable or use sync cord cable with TTL adapter. I hope i could help . Best Balazs.
  14. I chechked what U wrote and I think the user does not use 1/320 in TTL. Is it true or I 've checked something wrong?
  15. Hmmm! This is a ver good solution for the switching. I made this from the backlight switching in the TURTLE. THX for the answer Pavel!
  16. I think here is the best solution for nikon users! We can switching the mode during dive. https://youtu.be/EjwHZZy3bKg
  17. I think the best solution if the converter knows TTL/manual functions too. But novadays i think the new converters work good.
  18. Wich TTL system did you have? And wich DSLR? Canon, Nikon, etc?
  19. I would like to see how many divers using TTL and how many divers using MANUAL trigger?
  20. This is a full E-TTL system. Do you think the price is too high?
  21. I made lot of tests with different poor optic cables, and my experience the cables working very very differnt same aperture and sutterspeed. I suggest you try a multicore cable for your flashes. Like this. https://www.unterwasserkamera.at/shop/catalog/product_info.php?info=p3291_d-d-multi-core-slavekabel-inon---nauticam-compact----systemgehaeuse.html
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