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  1. Hmmm! This is a ver good solution for the switching. I made this from the backlight switching in the TURTLE. THX for the answer Pavel!
  2. I think here is the best solution for nikon users! We can switching the mode during dive. https://youtu.be/EjwHZZy3bKg
  3. I think the best solution if the converter knows TTL/manual functions too. But novadays i think the new converters work good.
  4. Wich TTL system did you have? And wich DSLR? Canon, Nikon, etc?
  5. I would like to see how many divers using TTL and how many divers using MANUAL trigger?
  6. This is a full E-TTL system. Do you think the price is too high?
  7. I made lot of tests with different poor optic cables, and my experience the cables working very very differnt same aperture and sutterspeed. I suggest you try a multicore cable for your flashes. Like this. https://www.unterwasserkamera.at/shop/catalog/product_info.php?info=p3291_d-d-multi-core-slavekabel-inon---nauticam-compact----systemgehaeuse.html
  8. Yess,, my opinion is similar. We can take better photos with special TTL electronic.
  9. I compare the wiring control, and the optical sync when the Inon copied the built in flash with Nikon D 7100. I can find some differences. When i use the wiring control with TTL adapter and Tokina 10-17, the Inon makes more power! I think the problem is in the built in flash copy. Maybe the nikon built in flash not working 100% under the water. What do you think about that? If I will have some time I make some test pics. Thank you PAVEL!
  10. Hello, I have an other problem with Inon Z 240 type 3 and type 4. I use the flashes with optical sync. When i set the strobe manual mode and full power, the flash made full flashing, but when i use the TTL mode the flash can not make full flash. Can anybody hear something about this issue?
  11. I have been spent lot of time to measure the flash power with special Light meter what i have made and I use Photo transistor for the measure. I have attached some photos and you can understand the different between flashes.SB600 and SB700 nikon flashes were the test flashes. You can see the flash time. SB600 was 0.151 mSec SB700 was 0.131mSec 1/16 manual mode.
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