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  1. everyone has been so helpful, many places to pick from. Ill start looking into the best times to go for the different areas you have suggested, weather and seasonal influences. so excited to go.
  2. we would like to do hammerheads in 2015 and wondered if you could suggest who to go with and where . its for 4 people that. thanks so much
  3. thinking of going in april and wondered where you suggest to stay? I have not been to the area.
  4. The same rule applies to Korean air.
  5. I have everything listed on ebay now, so paypal away!
  6. I wish I could ship outside USA. I am so sorry.
  7. wow great pics, off topic, how do you like smugmug for selling and printing?
  8. wonderful web site, loved the whale and baby.
  9. If you need any close up pics of the items just let me know.
  10. Take 1/2 off the prices below, shipping is paid by you. I will pack very well and ship ups. 5 Prec-5in-Nik-ike mini dome by Precision UnderWater Camera Stuff 425.00 includes shade, cover, plug and Modular Dome Port Lock 1-5510.35 Modular - Flat flat 199.95 1-5510.35 Modular Flat Assembly small scratches does not affect pics 100.00 0132.59 Main "O" Ring for any SLR housing new 7.95 0105 Port "O" Ring for any SLR port new 5.50 sold #9571.6 Optional 1" (2.5cm) Ball Adapter Ball at dSLR Top Mount SA-100 2.5cm (1") Ball ... $15 used #9573.1 This Ikelite Flex Arm Mount for Ikelite SLR Top-Mount includes the hardware to attach the flex arm mount to the 1/4-20 threaded mounting socket on Ikelite SLR housings. You can now attach a flex arm to hold a focus light or small strobe. 19.95 #9577.41 SA-125 3.2cm (1.25") Ball ... $15 new no screw Ball with DS50, DS51, DS125, DS160 Mount ports: 5510.22 149.95 / 5510.75 174.95 / 5510.16 124.95 / 5510.24 149.95 / 5510.54 124.95 3- 9059.8 14.95 Focus or Zoom clamp, standard spring loaded type Focus Clamp for all SLR, SLR-AF & SLR-AF MD Housings 3- 5509.28 Zoom clamp & sleeve set for large diameter lenses 19.95 2-5020 Silicone Lubricant (4) 1cc Tubes 2.00
  11. sorry I didn't read the question correctly, that is where I got the +5 magnification from.
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