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  1. Thanks guys for the responses. I think I found the problem, I replaced the battery in the TTL gizmo. Tested in a darkened room and everything went well. The slave operated in every position, Full, 1/4 and 1/16 and the exposures are right on the money. The battery is supposed to be good for about 50 hours, I must have been playing around more than I thought. The batteries are cheap enough, so I will keep a supply on hand.
  2. Anybody have an answer to this? I have a OLY C5050 in a PT-015 housing with Matthias Heinrich TTL gizmo.I am using two SB 105 strobes, one TTL and one slave. Exposure is great when I use only the TTL but when I use the TTL and slave I get only black. Any ideas? zulu00
  3. pilotjima, I used the Matthias Heinrich unit. I tried the setup he sends with the unit but it was a little rickety for me, it worked but was rickety, I glued the outer unit to the housing and it worked really great in the local YMCA pool, I am going to give it the "acid test" on Cayman Brac next weeek. The location of the outer unit is a little tricky but with the glue I used it sets up almost instantly therefore you have to locate the outer unit exactly before applying the glue. I call it glue for lack of another word but it actually unites the polycarbonates, molecularly so I am told. I am using two SB105 strobes, one TTL the other in slave mode, until I can find a reasonablely priced dual sync cord. If you would like more information or pics buzz me at supe67@yahoo.com. zulu00
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