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  1. can u save the flash file as well???
  2. I dont think anybody els has done something like that but good job!
  3. I use Ajax and it works better than any antifog spray
  4. thanks guys but james I dont understand why you think kepping an aquarium in your home is ok. put a fish a small glass just to enjoy watching them? I personally believe that every thing in nature is made for us to enjoy it and use it but sometimes I the feeling that we are destroying it not using it so I prefer the fish to be sold as food that as decoration. Thanks, Mohammad Tavakoli
  5. I just read the topic about public Aquariums and I was just wondering what you guys think about personal aquariums at home or at your office? I personally don't agree with them. if you take the animal from its natural habitat you should have a good reason not just for your pleasure. share your thoughts with us Thanks, Mohammad Tavakoli
  6. I just checked this site. I think its a good idea but its not being used properly I think it would be a good idea if all the wetpixel members work on it and make the best out of that site it has alot of potetials. BTW Persian Gulf will always remain Persian Thanks, Mohammad Tavakoli
  7. congratulations!!! We won. Thanks to all of u that helped
  8. Thanks a lot for what your doing but I was wondering at the same time that you are doing this cant we contact an International Media? The most problem that we have is education. when I talk to people about this its funny what they answer, most of them say well sharks are dangerous so its good to kill them so they don't attack humans any more and they say that because of their lack of knowledge. I think we should think of that as well as getting help from politicians and setting laws that forbid this. Thanks, Mohammad Tavakoli
  9. That was great man u did a very good job. Although I dont eat shark meat (religous thing) but I think this could really effect the people who do specially in East Asia and Arab countries around the Persian Gulf. Keep up the good work Thanks, Mohammad Tavakoli
  10. Salaamon alaikom scubadru, Thanks for your help but what you said was about a film that has a story what I did was just put the good shots next to each other ( Sometimes with Transitions ) with music. Thanks, Mohammad Tavakoli
  11. HI, I just edited my film from my last trip (Aruba) and I showed it to a pro Editer he told me that I use Jumpcuts which is very fast. He showed me how to do smoother cuts in Premiere 6.5 Does anyone here know how to do smoother cuts in premiere 1.5 Thanks, Mohammad Tavakoli
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