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  1. not really looking to separate at this time.
  2. Hey all, Time to sell my underwater rig. I only took this on six dives and also did bit of snorkeling in the Galapagos with it. Always thoroughly soaked and rinsed in fresh water after every dive/snorkel. O-rings regularly lubricated. It gets that awesome DSLR performance and sharpness but it is still compact enough that I can fit all camera and components, MacBook pro, and all my clothing/items needed for a 5 week south America trip in the lowepro bag pictured and it fits carry-on! Even on budget South American airlines! All items in like new condition, no issues or damage to any of the items. Selling because I plan to do a 1-2 year round the world motorcycle trip and just won't have room to pack the camera, sad because i'll be diving a lot and will only have a GoPro to shoot with Items included: Canon SL1 body (like new) Canon 18-55mm STM lens (actually never used) Canon 10-18mm STM lens (like new) Tamron 17-50mm F2.8 non-VC (doesn't fit in housing, but great on land walk around lens. I've had three...) Ikelite housing for the Canon SL1 (like new, dome has no scratched, always use proper EWA marine moisture munchers) Ikelite zoom gear for Canon 10-18mm Ikelite dual tray (not pictured, but included) Ikelite Sync cable for Sea & Sea strobe Sea & Sea YS-D1 strobe (excellent strobe, super powerful and compact) ULCS 8" strobe arms (2) with ball clamps Beneath the Surface Ikelite to 1" ball adaptors (2) Beneath the Surface Go-pro mount and ball clamp (attach your GoPro to the dual tray with this, GoPro not included) Lowepro backpack that fits all this, still has room for a laptop and clothes... and fits carry on! I spent close to $4k on all this stuff as most of it was brand new from B&H. I would be willing to let it go for $2900 + shipping from Canada. Attached photo of camera and bag. Also a shot from this setup in the Galapagos. Cheers, Gareth
  3. I did 15 dives there over a 10 day stay I think. Frequently saw nurse sharks, eagle rays, sting rays, turtles, etc. I didn't notice much diversity in the macro life but that's not to say it isn't there (I wasn't looking very hard). Surface intervals are always interesting with very frequent dolphin and whale shark sightings. Alton's (the shop I dove with) recently had their divers swimming with a gigantic sunfish. Overall I'd say it's great value and you definitely have the chance to see some big stuff... and party a lot. Oh and at Alton's I think I paid $250US for 5 nights accom and 10 dives. Very basic room but right on the water. shared bathrooms. cold showers. Really good value though.
  4. sale is pending currently, i will let you know if it falls through
  5. Hey all, I am going to buy a housing for my Canon SL1 so up for sale is my Canon S100 setup. Included: -Canon S100 camera in like new condition (will include a spare that has the "lens error" issue that can be fixed under warranty) -Fisheye FIX housing (very high quality craftsmanship, full access to all camera functions, very compact) -UWL-028 wet lens (see link for details http://reefphoto.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=5746) -Inon easy-close up macro wet lens -ULCS tray and handles Price $750obo + shipping from Canada I won't be including the strobe, arms and Go-pro as I'll be using them with my new setup but I can throw in the fiber optic strobe cable for an extra $50 as I can't use it with my new setup.
  6. Does this include the actual 17-40mm lens? Item description seems like it would but your invoice only shows it as a $131 item.
  7. If that dome becomes available at a decent price point I would certainly be interested.
  8. I like the shot. If it were a raw file and being edited in lightroom i think you could really do a lot more with it. But to get ideal color and exposure in all areas of this shot from a jpeg image would be impossible without reducing the overall image quality.
  9. ^^ excited to see these images!! I mean i've captured some of my best images with entry level gear but just being in the right place at the right time. Gear is a small part of the equation. But holy smokes is all this awesome new gear getting me pumped to shoot!!! The SL1 is packing so many awesome features in a small package, the ike housing is the first compact DSLR housing they've made, and now the canon 10-18mm is really completing the package. Not to mention price point of the ike SL1 housing being half of what any other ike DSLR housing with dome would cost and the canon 10-18mm coming in at well under half the price of any comparable wide angle. Can't wait to get mine in the water!!
  10. ikelite is saying the dome will house the new Canon 10-18mm STM (only $299!! as well and getting very good reviews) and there is no vignetting. I find it hard to believe there is no vignetting at 10mm but who knows? An SL1 with an ike housing and a 10-18mm all coming in just over $2k has to be the best bang for buck DSLR setup out there.
  11. 12-50 would only be 24mm FF equiv at the widest end. Not wide enough IMO. I'd go with exactly what the OP said. Unless you wanted a fisheye instead of the 7-14mm.
  12. this sounds like a nice setup at a good price. But you definitely need more detail in your ad of what exactly is included.
  13. Hey Chile, thanks for posting pictures!! To me that looks like the dome shade showing up in the frame due to the wide angle. As opposed to vignetting which often occurs with wide angle and is just a darkening of the corners. Is it possible to remove the dome shade? -Gareth
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