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  1. Hi. I'm currently in process of purchasing gopro 4 rig. From your guys experience what is the recommended length of arms with video light.i like the look/ ease of the locline system. I see they do 6" and 12". Am mainly purchasing for my upcoming trip to Galapagos and want a good set up.i usually shoot stills so this is kinda new and any advice will be greatly appreciated. Do you aim video light straight or is it best to angle like strobes so the light catches the subject at the edges of the beam. Is it the same process as strobes? also anyone have reviews/ different options on following backscatter tray and handle system? locline flex arms? FIT 2400 WSR Video lights? flip 3.1 filters? Many Thanks in advance.
  2. Here are the two ports. Zen flat port also had a 67mm thread. Which will allow a wet lens.
  3. Hi. The only option I am aware of is the Zen flat port for the pannasonic 45mm macro and the Zen 25mm extension. I bought the zen flat port and then decided I wanted the Oly 60mm. Just haven't for round to buying the lens yet. Haha I contacted Alex at UW vision and he was very helpful. I'm ordering and dispatching the extension. http://reefphoto.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=6584 * in not I'm.
  4. Thanks for advice and Great pics Bengal. Can't wait for sept now. . We're the gloves kevlar. If not how did they fair against the sharp rocks and boulders? What camera rig are you using?
  5. Good stuff. I found the zen slides into postion a treat. Not so easy with Oly port. Have fun in Indonesia. Off to sharm for a play next week. .
  6. There is a white connector for focus lights on left as u look at port from opening. I just binned off the focus lights straight away. Let us know hoe u get on.
  7. Hi here is a guide. https://www.bristolcameras.co.uk/images/zen-pen-dome-instructions.pdf The oly port is a little tight but persevere. two people may be req one to hold and one to turn port out. It's pretty simple. You will find zen will slide in a treat.
  8. The zen 25mm extension is exactly the same diameter as the base of the zen WA-100 port. I'm not sure what he outcome would be if the lens was a little shy of the port glass with the regards to IQ. Any thoughts??
  9. I have just stuck the 12-40mm pro on the epl3 and put it in the zen WA-100 with Pt-EP05l It fit to focal length of 30mm. The lens glass is touching inside of port. I own a 25mm zen extension which I use with the zen FP-100 so I can use OLY 60mm macro. Is this an option?? I'm just not sure is there is enough clearance for zoom ring to operate properly. There is only about 5mm clearance from lens barrel to port. .
  10. I am shooting with Oly epl-3 in Pt-ep05l housing. Any ideas guys??
  11. Can the oly 12-40 been used in any ports for the Oly housings? I have Pt-ep05l. Any ideas??
  12. Thanks for info kelp26. Where is everyone local dive locations?? I'm in UK so pretty used to cold conditions.
  13. Hi bear35. I managed to get a fourth element proteus 5mm on an offer I couldn't refuse. Gonna look into a farmer john suit for under 5mm on the colder islands. Have any of you guys tried the fourth element farmer john is is there a better option. I get what you saying bear about feel for camera. Is this something you went for. http://www.thesafetysupplycompany.co.uk/p/378008/Supertouch-Kevlar-Black-Jack-High-Abrasion-Glove---Conforms-to-EN---Pair---ST-.html?gclid=CPGd_rLg48ACFfMZtAodVlkAew#.VBcizNm9LCQ
  14. That's what i was thinking interceptor121. May aswell just get the 3mm's.
  15. Thanks bear35 understand where you coming from with regards to feeling cold. I really don't want that to be an issue and spoil dives. I'm thinking def 7mm fourth element know. With regards to gloves would the screwfix gloves provide enough thermal protection. I was thinking down like of some kevlar 3mm???
  16. I already have a fourth element 3mm full and love it so am thinking the 7mm proteus and also have a thermocline vest 2mm if needed. Sound good? What gloves are recommended. Are kevlar necessary. If so any recommendation? As you guys have had the experience of Galapagos. Any other great tips on gear etc whoh I might forget would be greatly appreciated. Any thanks guys.
  17. Following topic. As I'm on Galapagos sky next sept and was gouged to ask the same question. . Let me know how the trip goes. Will be very interested to hear. Many thanks.
  18. Sorry it's a bit late. But what aluminium finish is best for underwater images.
  19. TheTrickster you weren't wrong. Well apart from there was good service and good price. . My issue is all sorted no thanks to mr Alex_tattersall. Thanks a lot and thanks to everyone on Wetpixel.
  20. Haha. The item I am after is the Zen extension ring which fits to Zen 45mm flat port and allows the use of the 60mm oly mms to lens inside flat port on PT-EPxx housings. US price =$99 ($75 DHL express delivery.) + custom charges/handling fees UK price= £152 no delivery. Can pick u from London. What are people thoughts? Thanks.
  21. Alex can you get me a price on the item I PM you about. Please.
  22. Thanks markprior. I'll PM you Alex.
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