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  1. Thanks guys. Still maybe cheaper than the quote I have in England. .
  2. Hey. Does anyone know the duty charges for buying items from USA and having them shipped to UK? I want an item from reef photo which is considerably cheaper than my local photography place but am worried once tax, duty shipping etc is inc would it be worth just buying it from Uk? what are peoples experiences with this. The item is a Zen 25mm extension ring from Oly PT-EPxx housings to accommodate the oly 60mm macro lens in the Zen 45mm flat port. Many thanks.
  3. Hi. I currently own a Zen 45mm flat port for my pt-ep05l housing. I have the chance of buying a cheap 60mm oly macro lens. But it obviously doesn't fit. I see reef photo website has a Zen 25mm extension ring which fits with the Zen 45mm flat port to accommodate the 60mm but that is the only place I can see if for sale. Seems strange. Has anyone purchased this item in the UK. It doesn't appear on the Zen website either. Many thanks.
  4. Haha thats cool mate. Nice pics. I'm on the hunt for second hand 60mm macro now.
  5. POSTAGE = UK included and insured. worldwide at buyers expense. (Contact me via here or kevindale222@hotmail.com)
  6. FOR SALE INCLUDED *Zen flat port ONLY. for pansonic leica 45mm macro lens. * plastic port cover *x2 spare orings *Original box In very good condition and glass optic is in perfect condition. Only reason for selling is had originally decided to go for this macro set up on my pen housing then managed to get my hands on a cheap second hand olympus 60mm macro lens. So this item is no longer needed. RRP= £350 MY PRICE=£250 Any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Many thanks.
  7. Thanks a lot. I really wanted the 60mm originally. But it seemed hard work getting the port. But from what you have said it looks easy. . Does the lens work perfectly behind the port you ordered seeing as it wasn't specially designed for it like the zen 45mm macro? Any shots u have taken with this lens and similar set up would be awesome. I have the zen WA-100 dome and 9-18mm at moment and really want a decent macro lens. Thanks so much mate for your help. You in England then??
  8. yeh thats what i read, where they helpful in getting you the port? Im undecided on which lens and port to go for? did you like the 60mm olympus macro lens? do the other olympus ports (which fit 60mm macro) have a 67mm thread like the PT-EP05L? hope you dont mind all the questions.
  9. Great cheers mate. Did you have the pana 45mm macro and port. If so how did u find it?
  10. Thanks trickster will take a look. Interceptor. It fits to the port right. http://www.backscatter.com/sku/na-fp-100-45.lasso
  11. Will it fit the zen port? Did u use it on this port? I tried both digital and analogue luggage scales but the rig just wasn't heavy enough to get a me reading. I tied a line to rig then made a loop and hooked over kitchen scales and got a reading that way. Will be my first dive next week with arms/strobes etc. Can't wait. :)
  12. Yeh I have x4 jumbo's. I think I will just cut 1 in half and add to each arm. Should leave me about where I want it negatively. I'm going to get the zen dome and 45mm panasonic macro lens. I take it I will need more stix floats( I will go through the process of weighing in water butt again) plus I see stix do a macro port float strap thingy. Any good? Have u used one? Just a quick one. Have you measure Your rig the way I explained I did with water butt. If so what scales did u use as I tried various and had to settle with the kitchen style digital as they we only ones to record a low weight in grams??! Thanks mate
  13. What you mean 200-300 total? I was thinking instead of gettin the large stix floats. From my measurement I need to gain around 170g buoyancy from the floats for both fresh and salt. This will give me the slightly negative buoyancy I'm after. I might just cut one jumbo in half. X4 jumbo =680g X1 jumbo =170g!!!! How that sound mate? Save myself few pennies.
  14. Hi interceptor. Thanks for helping mate. That was reading I got. Albeit it was a little all over the place. . The nauticam handle and tray weights 459g. ( taken As per internet.) I'm gonna try x1 jumbo each arm next week. Diving fresh water and see how that feels. If not I'll buy a set of large stix. I think I want it slightly negative so when I tether it to use both hands for something it doesn't keep smashing me in the face. . Hahaha.
  15. Thanks chrigelkarrer. I think I read the 4 large stix have lift of 13.5oz (382g) am gonna use 2. And this hopefully will leave me with roughly 60grams of negative buoyancy. .
  16. Thanks guys. I was thinking maybe x1 large stix float on each arm with the Jumbo stix. How does this sound? Is this wise? Or x2 large stix on each arm? Forgot to say. Using the zen WA-100 dome port.
  17. Hi everyone. My main question is what is a decent slightly negative bouyancy to aim for? My rig = Oly epl3 Oly pt-ep05l X2 8" ulcs arms and clamps X2 inon S2000 Nauticam flexitrsy. I have done the water butt experiment. (Tied a line to housing dunked it and used kitchen scales to measure.( only ones I had delicate enough to get a measurement. ) Started off with x2 jumbo stix floats on each arm and it just bobbed on surface. Haha. Then went for x1 jumbo stix float on each arm. And measured 250 grams negative Is this a sensible negative buoyancy. I'm diving in a few weeks and want it to be right. What are other peoples experiences. Any help/tips will be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.
  18. Hi. Does anyone know if the olympus 12-50mm lens will fit behind the zen WA-100 dome and work properly. I know it has a little macro switch on side which I'm not to bothered about as I have a dedicated macro lens. Just thinking the 12-50mm lens is a better lens than he 14-42mm lens. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I'm using the PT-EP05l housing.
  19. Thanks. Electrical tape is. Handy as I'm a sparky. .
  20. Thanks mate. Mayb I'll leave the 9-18mm for video or experiment with it. How do you find the 9-18mm for stills. I have just bought the lens and zen dome and hoping to dive with it for first time this week. . Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.
  21. Trickster I have recently purchased the 9-18mm can you explain what you mean by soft? I will try will IS off and see if this helps. Thanks seahorse. Wil have a go with playin with manual mode also.
  22. It seems a bit jelly like. It most prob is me. Not sure if turnin IS will help at all. Wat have you found with experience? Thanks a lot.
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