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  1. Thanks guys. Was thinkin of trying the bath tub idea. . Haha.
  2. Hi everyone. I would like some advice from anyone with a similar set up to help me with wether I need any stix floats/ float arms for buoyancy. I'm not sure where set up will be positive/neutral/negatively buoyant. Any advice would be much appreciated. I don't wanna hit the water not knowing exactly how it's going to sit and some help beforehand would be great. I am currently building a set up. Consists of. Olympus epl3 PT-EP05l housing X2 inons2000 Nauticam flexi tray left + right X1 5" ultralight arm each side (macro) X1 8" ultrslight arm each side (wide) (possibly both together for wide) X4 ultralight clamps in total. Zen dome for 9-18mm oly lens Zen 45mm macro port panny lens. Many thanks. Kevin dale
  3. Thanks "the trickster". Will give it a go. Looks perfect for what I want.
  4. hi, I am looking for some advice please- does anyone know what sort of buoyancy I will get with the olympus epl-3 in PTEP05L set up with x1 5" ultralight arm on each side with x2 Inon S2000's for both with 9-18mm Zen dome and 45mm macro Zen dome Will I need some Stix floats? Are float arms preferred? I would like to hit the water with some sort of idea of how positive/negative my new set up will be. Any advice would be much appreciated. many thanks,
  5. OFFERS welcome 12" ultra light lattice strobe arm. £30 olympus PPZR-EP01 zoom ring (14-42mm) not 9-18mm £25 all all very good condition.
  6. I recently bought a bundle and I have various items which are unwanted. *PT-EP01 housing = £250/OFFERS *Olympus E-PL1 BODY ONLY(complete with disk, manual, 2 PIN charger, Battery, Video lead,USB lead) = £80/OFFERS * Olympus 14-42mm + 9-18mm Zoom Ring =£30 All prices are very much open to sensible offers. I am willing to send worldwide via tracked/ signed delivery but buyer will have to pay postage and any custom charges ETC Many Thanks, Kevin Dale Any questions please don't hesitate to ask via here or kevindale222@hotmail.com
  7. Hi, i would like some advice on how to permanently cover the internal flash window on the olympus housings without the use of the silly piece of plastic supplied with the housing. My first thought is black electrical tape. Does anyone have any other more professional ideas, possibly a type of black paint. Im unsure as what to use so any advice would be appreciated. many thanks
  8. Thanks morten. I like your idea. I want to achieve great photos straight from camera. Gonna use ur theory. Thanks.
  9. Hi. Can anyone recommend the best video settings for the olympus epl-3. Can't seem to get very watchable footage. Thanks.
  10. Hi. I was wondering how many people post process every photo they take. I tend to at least crop my photos and do some white balancing. What does everyone else do. Very interested? Or are there people who leave the photo as taken? Thanks in advance.
  11. Hey, really enjoyed reading your articles. I am 25 from UK and got into underwater photography 2 years ago. Love the first whale shark photo. I'm off to Galápagos Islands next year. Have you been? Was wondering if you had some tips and tricks for photo Pelagics there? Thanks kevin.
  12. Video gear is currently in England but can be posted worldwide. But all postage is at buyers expense. Thanks kevin dale.
  13. Hi, Im selling a Sony HDR-SR11 Handycam and Ikelite Housing. This was bought 2 yrs ago for around £1,400. The Sony Handycam is currently for sale for around £500. And takes absolutely brilliant footage. Basically everything you could need to take top quality underwater video. Everything thing has been very well looked after and has never been flooded. I AM LOOKING FOR £650 FOR THE COMPLETE SET UP. BUT I AM OPEN TO SENSIBLY OFFERS. IS A VERY GOOD PRICE FOR A RIG FOR UNDERWATER PHOTOGRAPHY. COMPARED TO WHAT A FULL NEW SET UP WOULD COST THIS IS ONLY A FRACTION OF THE PRICE. ITEM WILL ALSO BE POSTED ON SCUBABOARD.COM SO DONT MISS OUT ON A BARGAIN. INCLUDED= *Sony HDR-SR11 HD Handycam and Carry Case. *All cables (TV leads, charger(mains and in-car), Docking station to charge, hook up to TV) HDMI lead for HD quality playback. *Ikelite Housing, Red filter, Front protective cap. *All cd disks which came with Handcam (includes editing programme) *All manuals (additional one printed off for using the editing programme. Record video to 60 GB hard disk drive or Memory Stick media 1920 x 1080 Full HD video resolution; 10.2-megapixel still image capture 3.2-inch wide touch panel Xtra Fine LCD™ display (921k pixels) x.v.Color captures and displays lifelike color Dolby Digital 5.1-channel recording FOR FULL DETAILS OF HANDYCAM USE LINK BELOW! http://store.sony.com/p/HDR-SR11/en/p/HDRSR11#features FOR FULL DETAILS OF IKELITE HOUSING USE LINK BELOW! http://www.ikelite.com/web_two/sony_hdr_sr11.html
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