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  1. Got the A7 now for a couple of weeks it's great and a lot of fun! Some nice lenses have been announced... Can't wait to get the nauticam housing!!! Hope Edward will bring one to Shanghai in March... ;-) Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  2. Should be faster for the A7... The A7r will really only make sense if you are doing a lot of architecture, scenery stills... As soon as movement, more autofocus... Plays a role the A7 will be the better camera... That's how I understood it from all the stuff I read... Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  3. It all depends on the sensor size... With a full frame sensor you will need lenses that are as big and as expensive as for a SLR... It's got nothing to do with mirror or no mirror.... So yes it brings the A7 much closer to SLR size than a m4/3rd but I still hope the total package incl. a housing will still be more compact and lighter than for a FX SLR... Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  4. Why the 7r? Wouldn't the 7 be the more appropriate camera for underwater? As from the presentation the sensor improvements on the A7r compensate for the lower low light performance with the high resolution sensor? Why still being just almost neck to neck with the A7. The AF system on the A7 should be better though? So as long as you don't mostly shoot architecture or landscapes the a7 should be your choice or am I wrong? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  5. Hi everyone... After long time rumors it seems finally to be released on Wednesday... I have been waiting for a FX mirrorless for a while hoping to replace an old FX DSLR with a more compact system... When it comes to underwater performance what do you guys think will this make a nice UW camera? http://www.sonyalpharumors.com/sr5-more-a7a73-specs-and-info/ I do seriously hope nauticam will come up with a housing and the new to be released Zeiss lenses will give some options in the 24mm, 100mm Marko area... Any thoughts? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  6. A HELL LOT!!! Nice wrecks, a whole different sea live... Just because it is out of reach for some people it does not mean there is nothing to see! I will be on a liveaboard next week with all dives 70m+ on nice WWII wrecks these might make great videos on the GoPro with proper lighting though... But I will take my RX100 in the Nauticam housing there... Cheers Christian
  7. I am rather unexperienced in underwater photography too just started but I am as experienced on land photographer as well... Yes filters do take light away so it is not restoring anything, you have open apeature, higher iso or longer exposure. Shooting in raw without filter but decently exposed will give you the most information on a picture you can get and I am sure this is the way to get out the most you can... I recognized once you get to a point you know what to do in your RAW converter to get decent colors on your RAW pic it is fairly easy and took me only a few shots, though I am not an expert yet! It also gives me the opportunity to work on the picture style much more to get out of it what I want e.g. vibrant dark blue water... I would always rather open 1 or 2 stop, go up one higher iso number... to get more red information on the RAW file than open 2 stops or... to compensate for light loss of the filter! In my opinion as long as you can get a shot with ambient light and filter you can do better with RAW and post processing as you got more picture information to work with. Cheers Christian
  8. Hello everyone, I am new on here and this is my first post! Edward, we met at the Shanghai dive show, my friend was buying the 5DM3 housing and I bought a RX100 housing. First vacation my wife took over the camera and kept it as she wants do shoot underwater too from now on, which is ok so I can buy a new one for me ;-) I am pretty much drawn into NEX 7 as this for me right now is the best compromise between SLR performance and compactness. As we discussed the lens range for the sony e mount isn't the best so far, but on the wide angle end, what I am interested most in, Samyang came up with some very good lenses, e.g. the fisheye 8mm f3.5 or the f2.5 version sold as Rokinon but also made by Samyang just like Walimex and others. The lenses got some pretty good reviews on land other than the sony pancake + converter very sharp all the way into the edges, so I think these would make a good underwater lens. So my question have you tried any of these lenses with your housing? I think I read somewhere that there would be vignetting behind your 4.33" dome? Will there be a wider dome available in the future? How about the manual operation I think it would not be an issue to set the focus on land and leave it fix during the dive on a fisheye lens but might be useful to be operational, would that somehow work? Any other suggestions for wide angle setups? I would definately like to get the 10-18mm and something like a 8mm fisheye, though I do not like the sony pancake/converter solution as it is really very soft in the edges. I also thought about getting a SLR housing but it just adds up on weight and size as we are already traveling with 2 rebreathers... but if this would be the only way to get decent fisheye and wide angle quality I might need to go down that road. Thanks for any comments! Christian
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