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  1. Complete Subal Canon 40D/50D10D UW outfit with twin Sea & Sea YS 250 Pro strobes to go! Getting out of UW photo. Subal C10 housing currently not dive able and for parts for C40 housing. Subal C40 is compatible with Canon 40D and 50D cameras. ( I'm keeping the 50D as my land camera) Everything works. Housings and strobes never flooded. Last 40D service done by Backscatter folks, east coast 2 years ago. Last dive trip 1.5 years ago. List of equipment follows including Pics. $2500 or best "reasonable" offer wins everything you see in the attached Pics. Everything must go as one big package. Payment as per Wetpixel accepted methods. Any questions please Email me at: kenneth.tarr@mclaren.org Housings: Subal C40 ( Canon 40/50D) Subal C10 ( Canon 10D) Ports: Subal 6" Dome port Subal 4.5" Flat port Adapter rings for Canon 17-35 and the 24-85mm Lenses Cameras: Two (2) Canon 40D- including charger and batteries One (1) Canon 10D-including charger and batteries Lenses: Canon EF 17-35mm 1:2.8 L USM Canon EF Macro 100mm 1:2.8 USM Canon EF 24-85mm 1:3.5-4.5 USM Strobes: Two (2) Sea & Sea YS-250 Pro Strobes including chargers and two (2) sets of Ni-MH batteries Ultralight control arms and clamps: Four (4) 8" arms Two (2) 5" ball arms for strobes Six (6) Clamps Two (2) Ball arms for housing
  2. Good day everyone. Ken here and finally getting my act together to become part of the Wetpixel world. Work so gets in the way. My wife and I have been active diving for at least 30 years and cannot get enough of the Ocean realm. Needing to update my photo gear so planning on placing my current Canon 10D/40D/Subal/Sea and Sea equip on the for sale ads soon. Good day to all. Ken in Michigan
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