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  1. As before, thanks for continued suggestions and thoughts. Such a challenge to make these decisions without getting them underwater to try Floris, which housing did you go with?
  2. Oh yes, sorry, was dashing from one thing to another. UWL-H100
  3. I have an Inon UW1 currently. It’s not a the best by any means, but works well for what I’ve been doing and the portability is nice.
  4. Hopefully Raj ampat. Booked in 2019 and then we have had to move it every year since. It’s a pain because I can only go in the summer (I am a Professor, so linked to school holidays)! Anyways, hopefully soon. Going to Blue Heron in a few weeks and then Grand Cayman hopefully in May, so could try out systems then. Mostly reticent to upgrade if I’m doing it ‘just because’ and not for good solid reasons. Also.. I am not stuck on Olympus, if there’s something else better/comparable I’m all for it
  5. Thanks all for the continued help. I notice that the speed isn’t often there to capture larger specimens and that the depth isn’t there on macro on the RX100. And all can be grainy. I don’t really care about video - I do it occasionally but it’s not the focus of my hobby. Overall I’ve been thrilled at what I have been able to do with it and what I continue to do but I’m ready to take another step forward and see what else I can do. I am trying to get to Indonesia - 2020 trip postponed again, but hope by 2023!! I do want to be prepared to take advantage of all that it has underwater then So I guess MP count, the ability to go higher than f11 are key here I am completely an amateur and this is solely for fun, but here’s my portfolio if that’s useful: http://www.goldenlily.org/portfolio/ thanks Helen
  6. Thanks all for the help and suggestions. I had been toying with going to the EM-5, but it seems that it’s not that big of an upgrade for the extra investment. Phil, you said AOI housings are pretty solid? I’m not that familiar with them, and I really dislike the octo housing tbh, I mean it’s cute but I end up modeling for folks too and it’s distracting against the marine life. Does anyone know if we’re going to get an EP11 soon? Is it worth hanging tight for that since the 10’s been out over 2 years? Right?
  7. Finally ready to upgrade.. I have had a Sony RX100 II and Nauticam housing since it was released.. I don't remember when that was. But. It was awhile back! It's been great. I love that I can carry both a macro and a wide angle lens and get awesome shots, but I am ready to upgrade. The new RX100 are ridiculously priced, and they seem to all have issues - good with video, bad with macro, good with wide angle etc. So I think I want to change to mirrorless. The question now is which one. I am not ready to spend $3000 for just a camera that I use underwater, and I really doubt I'm going to buy lenses and switch those out. So something that is an all round star is a good idea. I have been looking at the Olympus PEN E-PL10 and the AOI housing, but I am curious about what others think, and are using. How do you like that system? I also have 2x Sea and Sea strobes (YSD1 and a YSD2), wide angle wet lens and a macro diopter Thanks all!
  8. I'm in a similar position. I mostly shoot macro, but there's the occasional 'omg an eagle ray' shoot I'd like on video. Has anyone tried Ikelite Vega's (http://www.ikelite.com/lighting/2101-vega-video-light.html)? I'm currently shooting with a nauticam housing and Sony rx100II. I'd like to add some focus light capabilities as I found this the hardest thing to accomplish on getting it to focus. So this would sit on the hot shoe for the camera.
  9. Hi all Bit of background first: I've been diving for 24 years. During that time I've done a bit of everything, including being an instructor, wreck diving, cave diver etc. These days I'm so busy with my job that I just get to spend some time in warm waters and have in the last few years taken to photography. I've been diving with a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ5 with their underwater housing for a couple of years and have been getting some good pics with it, but it's reaching the end of its lifespan. The thought of a big camera fills me with some dread - I want something that's a little better than what I have, but I like the portability of it. So, I'm considering the RX100 with a nauticam housing. So, I'm interested in people's opinions. i've attached a couple of photos to show what I'm currently taking, which are limited somewhat because I don't have the ability to take wider shots. Also, my kit is getting old and I will be needing to purchase a new bcd. What are people's thoughts about back inflate vs traditional etc? Thanks all
  10. Hey, Helen here from California. I've been diving for 20 odd years, but recently picked up a camera (3 years ago) and have been taken by the bug. I'm currently using a Panasonic point and shoot, but am considering an upgrade, but just have no idea where to begin! LOL.
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