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  1. Hi there, I have Aquatica Digital only the housing, no ports for Canon Rebel, not 100% sure which version of rebel it's fore. If it matches yours, how does 800$ sounds? I will check once I get home. Cheers Shawn
  2. Is the lens still available? Sent from my SM-T820 using Tapatalk
  3. Do you have the adapter for canon g15 too? Sent from my SM-T820 using Tapatalk
  4. Do you still have the adapter? Sent from my SM-T820 using Tapatalk
  5. I may be interested in the TTL circuit. Pm and we can chat about it. Cheers Sent from my Nexus 7 2013 using Tapatalk
  6. Great photos. I wished I had more time to dive when I was there.
  7. Hi Opie; Welcome to the group and excellent question my fellow Canadian. As tempting it would be to go out and buy a U/W camera for your trip, my first recommendation is to take an Open Water course, and then get out diving here in Canada before your trip. It's highly important you develop good buoyancy skills. Not just for getting that nice sharp photo, but for the safety of the reef. Trust me, the last thing you want to do as a diver is to destroy the environment that you enjoy seeing so much. As an underwater photographer, it is so easy to get tunnel vision and lose all sight of what you are doing when they focusing on The Shot. This why one member suggested being aware of the time, air consumption, and depth while you are diving. Feel free to message me if you need any help in finding a dive shop here in Canada. Cheers Shawn
  8. Thanks guys! I always have gone with the hand off route. It's nice to know other divers like this practice too. The main reason that I was asking is because I saw TV show where the camera guy was always entering with camera in hand. Wasn't sure that was the common practice. Erik, I really like your method with the Zodiac. I should learn how to use this method.
  9. I was thinking about this the other day and got me wondering what are the common methods that people use for entering the water for a photo shot. I figure the common method would be enter the water without your gear and have some one on the boat pass you gear. Is there anyone do entries with their gear? If so what method do you use to protect your gear?
  10. I recently had to recover friend's harddrive where it wasn't being mounted on either Windows or Mac machines. Failed boot sectors. I tried the Seagate's Recovery software and it recovered all her files like a charm. Here's the link to the software http://tinyurl.com/d993os7. Dan, what kind of external harddrive do you? It's possible that the USB cable is failing or the USB port that you are using isn't supplying enough power for the harddrive to work. i hope this helps S
  11. Price reduce for Housing & Strobe Kit $2200$ Price reduce for Housing & Strobe & Camera Combo: $3600
  12. I been browsing the forum and seen a couple threads where the author mentions they switched from Sync Cords to Fiber Optic cables. Why would one would want to do this switch? I never been that successful when Fiber Optic cables.
  13. I have been photographing a number of years with my Zeagle Ranger and loved it. Just recently switched to a SS Backplate and love it even more. I find it a lot easier getting the right trim with the backplate system.
  14. I’m selling my Ikelite underwater camera kit and its camera, Canon 5D Mark II. You can check out photos of the system at http://forsale.thecameraeye.ca. Canon 5D Mark II (http://tinyurl.com/chrr26r) · Good Condition · Shutter Count: Only about 14K What’s Included In the Kit (see Ikelite Site for item details (http://ikelite.com)) · 5D Mark II Housing (4 Lock Port Upgrade & Focus Light Mount) (P/N 6871.02) – Retail $1,600.00 · 9" Dome Port (Modular System) (P/N 5510.45) - Retail $400.00 o Minor scratches, not visible in photos · Flat Port (Modular System) (P/N 5510.35) – Retail $200.00 · Super Wide angle Port Base (Modular System) (P/N 5510.11) – Retail $125.00 · Standard Port Base (Modular System) (P/N 5510.16) – Retail $125.00 · 1.75" (4.4cm) Extension (Modular System) (P/N 5510.58) – Retail $125.00 · 1.25" (3.1cm) Extension (Modular System) (P/N 5510.54) – Retail $125.00 · DS161 Substrobe (P/N 4061.1) – Retail $1,100.00 · SA-100 Single Strobe Kit (Arms + 5 pin TTL Sync Cable) (P/N 4086.61, 4103.51) – Retail $225.00 NOTE: The camera isn't included in kit price. Please see prices below for Kit and Camera and Kit combo prices. Kit Asking Price: $2400(cdn) + Shipping & Duty / Taxes Camera Price: $1500(cdn) + Shipping & Duty / Taxes Camera & Kit Combo Price: $3700(cdn) + Shipping & Duty / Taxes
  15. Hello fellow UW Photographers; My name Shawn Girard and diver up here in Canada. I enjoy combining my two passions that I love, diving and photography. I am here at this site to learn more about underwater photography. Cheers Shawn
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