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  1. Im selling 1 x Aquatica AD90 housing body complete with Ikelite dual TTL bulkhead. Handles, instruction manual & spare o-ring also included. Condition: Excellent Price: 800 USD Reason for sale: Upgraded to Canon 5D Mk3 Note: No ports are included in the sale or the Aquatica mounts for strobe arms (shown in photo). I no longer have the original box either. Shipping: Can post world wide although will need to quote on request. Will also be listing on ebay
  2. Is the cord still for sale? Where are you located?
  3. Thanks for the replies, looks like i will have to sell the Nikor 105mm first then look for a Canon 100mm
  4. Have just made the jump from Nikon and bought a Canon 5D Mark iii. Looking to trade my Nikon Macro for Canon as above. My Nikon 105mm AFS VR f2.8 is approx 20 months old and only used for diving. To date it has done around 40 dives. Cheers Scott
  5. Hi, Bit of a long shot, but do you still have the used 4103.52 ikelite dual TTL sync cord for sale? Cheers
  6. I've been using Apex 100's for 9 years now for Tech diving ~80m and never had an issue once. Fantastic air delivery, robust, and reliable. I've also been using a Scubapro S600 with MK25 first stage for about the same time for rec diving and never had a problem with this either. It all depends on your needs, if it was me though, i would get a nice Apex reg and never look back :-) Happy hunting......
  7. It was a pleasure to do business with AndyBarker. Great communication and quick response!
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