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  1. Im selling 1 x Aquatica AD90 housing body complete with Ikelite dual TTL bulkhead. Handles, instruction manual & spare o-ring also included.


    Condition: Excellent


    Price: 800 USD


    Reason for sale: Upgraded to Canon 5D Mk3


    Note: No ports are included in the sale or the Aquatica mounts for strobe arms (shown in photo). I no longer have the original box either.


    Shipping: Can post world wide although will need to quote on request.


    Will also be listing on ebay






  2. I've been using Apex 100's for 9 years now for Tech diving ~80m and never had an issue once. Fantastic air delivery, robust, and reliable.


    I've also been using a Scubapro S600 with MK25 first stage for about the same time for rec diving and never had a problem with this either.


    It all depends on your needs, if it was me though, i would get a nice Apex reg and never look back :-)


    Happy hunting......

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