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  1. Although it could result in funny situations (especially with my female colleagues) the shower solution is not an option for us here at the factory … Despite the name (oil) Ballistol is not greasy, sticky, or slippery at all when applied in the right amount and when rubbed in well. As the ‘stains’ are merely particles that are nested in the pores of the aluminum, Ballistol will fill up these pores thus keeping ‘particles’ out longer. The effect of Ballistol will last by far longer than a plain shampoo wash. Compare it with washing your car or waxing it. I guess the gender of a housing is still undecided as it is mostly referred to as 'it'. Although many of my male customers threat 'it' as if 'it' were a 'she' ... ;o)
  2. As Ballistol does the job extremely well and as it comes in a convenient spray-can, I haven't tried anything else.
  3. Though not mentioned in the 'industry' list above, I'm gonna give it a go anyway ... ;o) No matter how stained it may be, a good rub with plain and simple 'Ballistol' oil restores the deep pitch black color on black anodised aluminium. Ballistol is often referred to as weapon oil, though there are over a 1000 uses according to the Ballistol website (one of them is even the treatment of pet fur). Every stained Hugyfot housing that is serviced gets this 'Ballistol' treatment and leaves the factory looking brand new. http://www.ballistoluk.co.uk/ Regards, Pascal
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