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  1. 3.5 inch flat port is gone so price drop to 250EUR.
  2. All, Sorry for not responding earlier but I got called away with work and had no internet access for the last week. To answer a few queires that I've received 1) arm and ikelite to ikelite cable is included 2) last used in August 2013 apart from testing before posting here. 3) Postage to most of Europe seems to be between 35 and 50EUR depending on the speed, etc. Really fast delivery (two days) seems to be nearly 100EUR. 4) I do accept Paypal Anything else, please let me know. Andrew
  3. Forgot to say that the battery is labelled as DS125 as I got this as an upgrade package from Ikelite directly. Andy
  4. For sale, Ikelite DS160 strobe with ikelite to ikelite cable and arms, also have charger. Excellent condition. Checked over fully by Ikelite in 2013. based in ireland but will ship anywhere in world at buyers expense. looking for 400EUR for it.
  5. I'm selling my Ikelite Housing for a Canon 400D DSLR camera. Bought these in early 2013 with the intention that I would get back into underwater photography. I'm finding I'm struggling to get time to dive at all, let along take pictures! Ikelite Housing for Canon 400D 3 inch dome port (5503) .. some marks but should polish out 3.5 inch flat port (5502) Dome Port Canon 17 - 85 (5503.90). housing was back to Ikelite in early 2013 for a full service. All gear is in good condition. I'm based in Ireland but will ship anywhere in the world at buyer's expense. Am looking for 400EUR for the lot.
  6. I'd be interested in one of them. how much are you looking for them? thanks
  7. Hi all, I'm trying to get back into underwater photography at the moment after drifting away to deeper wrecks for a little while. I used to dive with a Canon A620 in the Canon housing with no strobes. Got into rebreathers and trimix and that sort of vodoo so sold it to a member in my club. Just managed to pick up an Ikelite Housing for my Canon 400D (on this forum) at a good price for my shallower diving up to about 60m (200feet(ish)). I have a spare body as well so not the end of the world if it goes, etc. I was thinking of getting a strobe to go with it but don't want to spend too much money until I see how I enjoy it and get on. If I get hooked again (which is likely), I'll get a housing for my 5DMk11 and go deeper. I was looking for an Ikelite DS50/51 secondhand but haven't managed to locate one. However, i can pick up YS01/02 or Inon strobes easily second hand. Now I understand that I can't use the TTL from an Ikelite housing to a S&S strobe but have to use it manually. However, before I spend the money, I assume that the cable will still fire the strobe if the camera deems it necessary. I just have to set the power level myself. So the question is should I go for the Inon Strobes or the Sea and Sea? And am I understanding the cabling correctly. Thanks in advance.
  8. Is this still available? I'd be interested in the housing and ports if you will sell seperately? How much would you be looking for for them?
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