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  1. Around ten years ago I posted on these forums extolling the virtues of vacuum leak tests. At that time only one manufacturer offered that feature (Hugyfot) and I attracted the ire of those who owned housings from different manufacturers, insisting their housings didn't leak so didn't need them. It got nasty when I was accused of being in the pay of Hugyfot, or at least getting a housing for no charge. It even resulted with me sending copies of the invoice for my housing to an administrator here. Now, I'm not saying that no others have been sponsored with free housings from other manufacturers (selling them afterwards for a tidy profit) but now that vacuum leak tests have become appreciated and are installed on many different makes of housing so that they are almost commonplace, it would have been nice to have got an apology!
  2. Stolen from Ocean Leisure (London): Nauticam underwater housings NA-RX 100IV Serial No: A118003 NA-RX 100V Pro Package Serial No: A237881 If you are offered these for sale (without packaging), please contact Ocean Leisure +44 (0)20943 5050/1 email: info@oceanleisure.com Let's catch the thieves.
  3. Stolen from Ocean Leisure (London): Nauticam underwater housings NA-RX 100IV Serial No: A118003 NA-RX 100V Pro Package Serial No: A237881 If you are offered these for sale (without packaging), please contact Ocean Leisure +44 (0)20943 5050/1 email: info@oceanleisure.com The buyer will get a surprise if they ever need servicing. Let's catch the thieves.
  4. Between 1970 and 1992 I turned over around $3million in fees for commissioned photographs but during that time I rarely got much of a fee for a picture that already existed. I got paid for creating the picture that previously had not existed. The advent of computer-retouching meant that me skills were no longer needed and I went into the diving industry and used my photographs to support my writing. Despite retiring from actively being a diving journalist I still get requests to use my pictures in return for a credit only but feel that at my time of life a photo credit doesn't contribute to my pension! Since then, it has become so easy to get good pictures underwater that very few are 'special'. In recent years, even if I was the first to shoot some subject, very soon the world and his wife were doing the same. So the only use I can see for my pictures now is to illustrate any books I choose to author - and the writing had better be top quality! So enjoy taking pictures but consider yourself the only client. You can give away their usage but remember, as NYC photographer Lou Long would have said, "If it's free, it ain't worth nuthin', kid!"
  5. I had the same experience. They even got me to write a specific article to use with my pictures. Sad.
  6. The corollary of that is that a vacuum leak test is a waste of time!
  7. I used the Hugyfot vacuum system and twice flooded my housings - with air!
  8. I never had a Hugyfot without Hugycheck. It's the reason I chose it!
  9. Nikon RS - faulty design - second dive with it. Nikon F801 Seacam - hasty assembly after reloading on a boat during my first shark feed. Fuji S2 Pro - Subal - dome port rotated and fell off as it was handed down to me in the water. Fuji S2 Pro - Subal - dome port rotated during Zodiac ride but camera/lens saved. Finally changed to negative pressure leak test with Hugyfot (the only manufacturer to offer such a system several years back) and never looked back. Now Nauticam offer such a system I'm sure that there will be less resistance to it on this site.
  10. The flash makes a burst of light. Its duration is dependent upon the size of the flashtube and the power output of the flash. For example, I have a studio flash at full-power (2000j) that has a long duration of about 1/150 sec. The duration of a little flashtube at low power is very fast indeed. So as long as the pulse of light can fit into the time the camera shutter is open, it will be effective. I suggest it was so dark that the ambient light on the tentacles was so little as to be negliable. (By the way, Bob, I was just thinking I should get rid of my Subtronic strobes too - if they still work!)
  11. I am retired from my job that gave me a reputation for integrity and unbiased reporting. In fact I was never an Industry Member. I was in fact the scourge of an industry that is probably glad to see the back of me. I have a collection of more letters from the lawyers of Industry Members than most. I will occasionally write something for a magazine but no more so than any other member of wetpixel. However, if Adam take offence that I post here, so be it. I will no longer do it.
  12. Adam. I have not worked for Diver Mag nor been paid by that organisation since July.
  13. My review is of yet another alternative vacuum pump system, which people might be interested to know about. Adam, I think you are being over-sensitive. Everyone knows that paper magazines are limited by pagination and hence articles have to be concise (although this article is available on the Internet, it originates from a paper magazine) whereas when we write specifically for the Internet this is no longer a problem...or is your complaint another case of Nauticam bias? (I was the OP on this thread!)
  14. I wrote this: http://www.divernet.com/Diving_Gear/diver_tests/2045606/leak_tester_underwater_camera_stuff_housing_sentry.html It's shorter than one of Adam's reviews thanks to the discipline of writing to a page length in a paper magazine, but you might find it interesting
  15. I dunk and press all the buttons in fresh water at the end of a trip, otherwise I dunk or shower the housing straight after it comes out of the water with the camera still installed. I NEVER leave it in the rinse tank unattended since other people can be careless whether you have camcatches or a port without a cover. I keep a garbage bin at home that I fill with pure water from the condenser of our tumble drier. Good for a long soak. Benny Sutton, who sold me a housing a long time ago said, "You keep taking your housing in the sea. Most of my customers keep their's under their bed!" Keep it wet!
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