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  1. Don't make the mistake of thinking you're invisible with CCR. You are still a big animal. It does allow you to hide behind a rock as I have done on five CCR trips to Cocos. However, if their are people in the water with you that don't understand that - forget it!
  2. Well, it wasn't my fault. I wasn't anywhere near. (Please use this as and when needed.)
  3. Although I am known to have a certain amount of experience with closed-circuit, I'd like to point out that sudden depth changes are best resisted so if you see a subject swimming above you, it's frustrating not to be able to get near it. For example, CCR is OK for static subjects like wrecks but not good at all when dolphin enter your field of vision.
  4. I think Diver Magazine has decided to avoid paying for content as well.
  5. I certainly hope so. This is what I got from the Telegraph: Hi John We would like to do something for the website if that's ok, but unfortunately don't have an online budget. Would you be able to tell us a bit more about how the images were taken and why this shark was so friendly? (Was he being fed?!) And if we could use a few images in return for a credit and links to your website etc that would be great. Let me know and we can do something this morning Many thanks Natalie
  6. http://www.avaaz.org/en/petition/STOP_Illegal_Fishing_at_Ras_Mohamed_National_Park/?agMaOeb
  7. I've had such great success recently with the D800 in natural light (eg hammerhead shots) I thought I'd fit a filter to the back of the Sigma15 and do more. Has anyone noticed any deterioration of sharpness doing this? I know a lot of you use Magic filters. I still have a large stock of Wratten filters from my professional photography days but of course I used them with big cameras not these little DSLRs.
  8. Magazines run of advertising revenue, not circulation. Of course, professional media buyers want to know about costs per thousands of readers but few in the diving market are professional media buyers. There are many niche publications running on the vanity of their advertisers. I know of one property magazine that was commercially viable for about two years and it only ever printed sufficient magazines to distribute to its advertisers! Of course, this is tantamount to fraud and once advertisers realised that they were only buying space through paranoid competition with other similar businesses, the magazine dwindled and folded.
  9. Are you rowing out to the dive site in your boat made from coconut wood, wearing a wetsuit made from woven reeds? Not me. I admit to being a big polluter. On my trip before last, someone even complained about me pissing in the sea.
  10. I used to habitually use the 20mm nikkor on my 35mm film cameras. It needs quite a strong dioptre close-up lens to get a sharp image from side to side. I used it on my D700 to photograph manta rays at Nusa Penida once and immediately wished I'd stuck with the 15mm fish-eye!
  11. Any of us that have climbed the mountains in tropical rainforests to see orangutans in the wild will attest that you get a lot less tired and sweaty watching the images in the comfort of your home! (...and what about the leeches?)
  12. I don't think that pumpkin really turned into a princess's coach nor was the apple really poisoned. I could tell you lots of BBC Wildlife stories but I don't want to spoil your illusions!
  13. Well, they use several actors to play one part in many movies, or did you think Daniel Craig did all his own stunts and that any famous actress did the nude scene close-ups? A movie is a number of recorded events joined together in such a fashion as to form a sequence that never happened. Nigel Marven told me how, when Richard Attenborough's producer and making a film called "The Land of the Russian Bear", he bought an example of a rare snake they wanted to film from a petshop in Didcot, England, and took it with them to Russia (only it escaped from his bag in his hotel room). Well, there's money at stake and they weren't going to take any risks. Movies are representational. Even newsreels! (The raising of the flag at Iwo Jima is no less poignant for it.)
  14. You are absolutely right. That's why it's stupid to have black cars. I've got two. Nice looking aren't they? Don't get me started on drysuits!
  15. As far as air consumption goes, after 20 years of making thousands of dives with a camera, I know that my air consumption far exceeds those few times that I dive without one. I put this down to the brainpower needed and the oxygen metabolised whilst thinking about the picture and readjusting fine pitched buoyancy.
  16. My D700 housing (matte black Hugyfot) came up like new before selling it, by applying a tiny amount of olive oil with a cloth.
  17. How it's done. JB with Hugyfot photographed by Bob Semple. (Thanks Bob.) Frazier Nivens with the Epic, Charlie F. chumming by scraping a dead barracuda!
  18. "Despite some proselytizing from some individuals, no vacuum system by itself can guarantee that a housing will not flood" - just like an oil-pressure gauge/light on your car does not guarantee your engine will not run out of oil, but if that light comes on, I'm going to do something about it!
  19. Thanks Alex. I was just in the process of convincing myself to buy a spare D800!
  20. As I already said, and I speak from a well-remembered and painful experience, flooding a body and lens does not encourage you to have a second go with a different camera! However, as Adam points out, we use strictly amateur equipment with sophisticated electronics that can go wrong.
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