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  1. Mike, a lemon shark would have been big enough to carry YOU off!
  2. I was actually in the process of taking the picture I posted when another tiger grabbed me from behind and you can see my buddy's reaction - hair raising!
  3. It's not for monitoring during the dive but it is very useful to glance at the indicator just before you commit yourself to the deep! (...and I sleep well in my cabin, with that little green light winking away!) Each to his own...Then again, if I flood my camera, I lose my camera, a lens and my job.
  4. Well, many of you are familiar with the characters from Tiger Beach and some will have stories of cameras being grabbed and swum off with. My story is slightly different in that my tank was grabbed by a tiger and swum off with, with me attached! Not only that, but it happened twice on the same dive. What do you do when a big tiger shark grabs you and swims off with you? You hope you're not bleeding too badly!!!
  5. Got one from Bill to try for Diver Mag. I agree that it took seconds to fit and worked as intended. My only gripe is that there is no permanent monitoring (you have to refit the pump to check). However, if you have no factory-fitted option, this is still better than no test!
  6. Get a spare body but if you flood the first, I can tell you that you won't want to risk the second!
  7. You can usually adjust the spring tension on the flash connection foot on most housings.
  8. There could be a good argument for protecting the environment by keeping ALL people out of the water. Anyone go for that?
  9. It's testing for leaks using air. You test for leaks BEFORE entering the water. If you see a stream of bubbles from your housing while underwater, your camera is probably already toast!
  10. I used to have both but I found that I had to decide on one. I guess, Alex, you have your camera caddy following along behind with a second camera with the other lens.
  11. I use the 15mm Sigma and get pictures sharp as a tack from corner to corner with both the Hugyfot acrylic dome and the Sea & Sea optical glass dome. It must be lens related.
  12. Looks like two parts of the control (12 o'clock and 3 o'clock) are getting pressed simultaneously.
  13. When animals are feeding they can be very distracted (hence close-up photography of sharks almost always involve food). Hawkbill turtles often mistake the twinkle of dome ports for jellyfish, which enables those great close-ups. Similarly, if you stumble across one eating sponge, they will stay with the food. Green turtles love seagrass and there are many places in the world where feeding green turtles can easily be photographed.
  14. On www.divernet.com: Unattributed pictures on this site are the copyright of the author. Contact DIVER Magazine for details. Similarly on the Diver Magazine (UK) FaceBook page.
  15. Today I helped lay out my six-page feature on the southern Maldives for the July issue of UK's Diver Mag. Nothing unusual about that except that there no longer is an art editor. This could be good or it could be bad. It gives me more control over the pictures selected - or more possibilities to get it wrong! (...and of course I'm away a lot.) Time will tell.
  16. The flip side to that story is that someone bought an air ticket by cloning my card and was apprehended at the airport!
  17. Some day, all housings will come with this feature as a standard fitting!
  18. As for Underwatervisions... they are based in the Tattersall Tower!
  19. Thanks but I have abandoned my Subtronics because I can't afford the excess baggage charges.
  20. Just an observation about pixel count since you say you want more than 12mp: Twice a year at British Dive Shows numerous pictures by me are exhibited at A1 size and some are printed 12ft tall. The source of these pictures has been a Fuji S2Pro (6mp) and Nikon D200 (10mp) and Nikon D700 (12mp) as well as my latest D800 (36mp). The pictures are imported into Quark Xpress and turned into high res. PDFs. The quality is very acceptable and I challenge anyone to say which picture printed came from which camera.
  21. I'd like to find a strobe that recycled at 4fps. Inon told me my tubes went black because I was repeat flashing and that was once every two seconds!
  22. Fit a vacuum leak test, apply the pump and everything is locked on any housing. Rely of physics not mechanics!
  23. A computer screen starts off dark and light is added (Red Blue & Green) to get colour. White is the addition of all three. This is called Additive Colour. (RGB) Printers use Subtractive Colour system. They start off with white paper and take away light by adding Cyan, Yellow Magenta and Black. (CMYK) If the print company asks for RGB it is only so that they can view on a screen before converting to CMYK. Then there is the brightness range. A computer screen gives about 300:1 whereas the whitest paper can only offer about 30:1. Repro is both a science and an art. I know the CMYK printer's profiles of the magazine (printed by Webb-offset) that I do a lot of work for but often the files get tampered with (sorry, I mean adjusted) by well meaning people and it goes wrong! Magazines that are printed sheet-fed need different files. Difficult, isn't it?
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