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  1. Tribalism is alive and well in industrialised countries! iPad v Andoid, Nikon v Canon, Nauticam v the rest. (I'm waiting for some old man to come down from a mountain and destroy all these false gods.) As for China, I heard just now on the BBC that China is planning to build a canal through Nicaragua to rival American hegemony with the canal in Panama. (I live in a country that lost its empire. You'll get used to it!)
  2. Without getting into promoting or decrying any make of housing, I find this thread typical in that people energetically defend their own buying decision. Very few of us have had experience with ALL of the housings and can make an independent and unprejudiced judgement. I have owned housings by (in chronological order) Subal, Seacam, Aquatica, Aquatica, Nexus, Sea & Sea, Subal, Sea & Sea, Hugyfot and Hugyfot. None of them were by any means perfect and each had a fault that I could itemise but I won't for fear of offending a fan. I chose the last two for one unique selling proposition only and if you don't know what that is you haven't been reading my other posts! The fact is that I could take pictures with all of them except the one that had a tendency to let its large dome port rotate and fall off. (If you've got one, you'll know which it is!)
  3. I am well known for my with-camera rig entry. I put the camera into the water and follow it in head-first. Works for up to 2ft of free-board.
  4. Strangely enough I've just been trying the Housing Sentry for UwCameraStuff. It works!
  5. Nice shots. You'll enjoy the story in the June edition of Diver Magazine (UK). Never saw any sharks wearing rouge but got a few teeth marks...probably thanks to Steve Backshall and his team.
  6. After a few days, my camera battery needs charging. It's a bit expensive to ask the captain to put into land to do that!
  7. People who live in the UK are very familiar with low-pressure conditions and precipitation.
  8. I taught Zena to dive in Mallorca when she came to stay at one of my apartments with her cousin. Years later, when I mentioned it to her, she didn't remember me. Ah, well, she was only fifteen back in those days! By the way Pete, my latest housing (not mentioning the brand for fear of antagonising the Nauticam Mafia) came supplied with one optical connection and one hard-wired. I changed for two hard-wired because I am an old dinosaur but I notice that there is room for the pop-up flash to work even with the hard-wired synch and leak detector LED in place on the hot shoe. (I just checked)
  9. I always took the precaution of inserting a tampon in my pre-Hugyfot housings. As an aside, I was well impressed by the Hugyfot siren moisture alarm. When I took it back on board and opened the housing, it was loud enough to send crew members scurrying to the engine room to see what was making the alarm!
  10. For those who might be interested, I found a slight problem with the vacuum system leak test on my (Hugyfot) housing. I was in the Maldives (on a boat) and assembled my housing during one particularly hot and humid afternoon. Others experienced condensation on their compact camera housings when they got into the water but I was confident that I would have no problem after pumping out the housing and getting the green light. During the dive, all hell broke loose with both red and green lights flashing and a siren sounding. The camera continued to work and I did an hour serenaded by the siren. Despite the green light confirming there was no leak, there was water in the housing when I opened it. Where had it come from? It transpired that when I vacuumed out the housing the water in the air must have precipitated at the pressure drop to form a tiny droplet that made its way to the moisture sensor in the bottom of the housing electronics (that I didn't know I had)! I solved the problem by inserting a tampon in next to the camera when I re-assembled it next. This took care of any further precipitation. We simply cannot do without ladies!
  11. Get a suit that fits properly. Wear appropriate undergarments. Wear a suitable hood. Wear suitable gloves. Use a Thermolution heated vest. Use a CCR. Use proper nutrition. (I think that covers it!)
  12. Probably correct - but it lived a long life! Like the Napolean wrasses at Ras Mohammed that, when they died, people said they got cancer from the food divers had been giving them. When I researched an article about it, David Frape, the distinguished animal nutritionist, pointed out that they had lived much longer than normal because they were so well-fed and they got cancer because that's what happens when you get very old. It's never as simple as we think and we should not ascribe human characteristics and feelings to other species of animal!
  13. I had an assistant that had a pet spiny puffer in an aquarium, which he handled and puffed up every day. When it got too big for his aquarium, we took it to London Zoo. A week later we went to visit it. It was in the quarantine tanks. I spotted it but when it saw him, it recognised him, went crazy at the glass and puffed itself up. Tell, me that it was harming itself!
  14. http://www.divernet.com/Diving_Gear/diver_tests/1323806/undersuit_thermalution_yellow_grade_advanced_heated_undervest.html
  15. Of the three Z240 that I have, the two that were most regularly used developed blackened reflectors that were diagnosed as the result of "repeat flashing". However, the spare that has hardly had any use (especially since I swapped to a different brand of strobe) is also now developing minute black spots on both the reflectors and the tubes which leads me to suspect that this is some impurity that has found its way inside during manufacture and is getting burnt by the heat discharged.
  16. Bonaire is a sand-blasted desert,not very good for topside pictures. What about Grenada or the BVI? They'll give you the white sand, the turqoiise sea and the palm fronds gently rustling in the breeze.
  17. Alex, the choice is massive. Tell me what sort of diving you want to do and I'll make a suggestion. Truk for wrecks? Maldives for mantas? Bahamas for sharks? Philippines? 10 days should get you six days diving at any of them. (I've left for the Maldives on a Monday and been back by Friday night!)
  18. If you want to swim fast and maintain that speed, I recommend one of these:
  19. Before I went over to shooting a digital camera, I changed to shooting colour negative film that scanned very nicely. Of course, it was a temporary phase as digital cameras quickly improved.
  20. Nothing to do with this thread, but looking at Mark's pictures makes me wonder at the fact that we all take the same pictures of the same things. I'm embarrassed to say I recognise that telegraph!!!
  21. My wife has a beautiful skin colour when photographed underwater. She starts off by wearing a natural Wratten 81EF! Kathie Rockett is another very good example. Choose your models carefully. (I had to marry mine!)
  22. Stephen, I just posted a load of mags to Frazier Nivens. I think he lives near you.
  23. Did mine Adam. The camera got very hot and burnt a hole in my desk. Is this correct? (Only joking folks!) Thanks Adam. I'll be interested to see any difference!
  24. I found that the 12-24 Nikkor gave me such poor results that, if you were happy with it, you'll be happy with almost anything else. I wasted a lot of time and money getting it wrong with other lenses too, but the consensus on Wetpixel eventually told me to get the 10-17 Tokina for DX and the 15 Sigma (and 16-35 Nikkor) for FX and I haven't looked back! That's not to be confused with lenses for use topside and not behind a dome port.
  25. It's not the fault of any of the 315 million people living in the USA. I blame the whole thing on 11 million Belgians! ...and they are responsible for Hugycheck too!
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