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  1. I think we are venturing into the realms of the urban myth, where diving computers, BCs and even pressure-gauges can kill you!
  2. This doesn't add up. Surely, if water could get in, air would have got in first, before he hit the water. Sounds like someone ignoring the red light. Thank goodness he doesn't have a rebreather!
  3. While I abhor anyone trashing the environment just as much as I abhorred tourists chipping away bricks from the 1000-year-old White Tower of the Tower of London as they did in the '50s, the fact of the matter is that these things are much more complex than a simple solution would suggest. For example, we in the West have fuelled the shark-finning industry by buying cheap goods from those countries that want the end-product, enriching them and pushing up the price, thereby making shark fins so much more valuable. We are ALL to blame. Modern industrial society in which we live and benefit brings with it many negatives.
  4. Adam. you are displaying a classic lack of knowledge about this system. With the vacuum pulled, that IS a port lock. You cannot open the housing or remove the port without releasing the vacuum. I've just been commissioned to write a piece for an American publication about vacuum leak test devices and I thought of you when I wrote: "I foresee this important device becoming more popular as people wake up and smell the coffee and more of these expensive cameras not so protected become toast. Others may protest and need to be dragged kicking and screaming away from that cautious test in the freshwater rinse tank."
  5. This leads to arguably the best measure of current responsibility for climate change: the total carbon footprint of the average person in each nation. Figures are provided for a selection of countries below based on 2008 data published in a recent science paper. Belgium 21.9 United States of America 20.2 Ireland 16.2 Finland 15.1 Australia 13.8 United Kingdom 11.5 China 4.3 Brazil 2.1 India 1.3 Nigeria 0.5 Malawi 0.2 The fact remains that ALL of the coral in the Maldives was trashed in 1998 and it was not trashed by divers!
  6. When I witnessed the coral bleaching disaster that struck the Maldives in 1998, I realised that diver damage was nothing in comparison to the damage wrought by those burning fossil fuels - and which country burns the most per capita? Don't bother to reply! Just go and turn off your air conditioning/central heating and get a smaller car!
  7. Part of the problem has always been the reluctance of Asian dive guides to remonstrate with Western guests. It is a cultural thing.
  8. Stephen, It was a pilot trip put together by Stuart. I'm surprised you weren't there! He'll be doing more next season, I'm sure. In one month the feature will be archived on www.divernet.com but there is a (free?) Diver Mag app. for iPad and Android that allows you to see current mags although you have to pay a few dollars for each issue. This issue on the app includes some extra pictures pictures (I actually shot 2146 usable pics!) and Fraziers short-version video.
  9. Thanks for all the info. I settled on the small Macbook Pro. It does everything I need and it fits in my back pocket of my photographer's jacket (for carry-on purposes!).
  10. Let's look on the bright side: Once Nauticam users have adopted this system it will keep the Nauticam Mafia off the backs of those that use other makes of housing!
  11. Would I not be right in thinking that it probably has the same sensor array as the D800 but in a smaller space, ie 24MP DX instead of 36MP FX?
  12. Pete. I'd just get a rude letter...NA is not northern Australia!
  13. I would post some of my underwater glamour pictures but the NA 'fear of nipples' denies me that opportunity.
  14. It's an interesting story. I followed a Steve Backshall BBC crew who were filming a Deadly 60 episode so I guess they had been winding up the sharks to make them deadly! Who knows? It makes a good story! Details will be published soon. I didn't get hurt luckily because in each case it was my metalwork they went for.
  15. The Maldives, contrary to popular belief might be a good place to see requiem sharks but it's not a good place to photograph them. The currents are too strong and you cannot get close since baiting for photography was banned some years ago. It's good for mantas and juvenile whalesharks though!
  16. The vacuum system appears to replace the leak detector (after all, once you've got moisture, you're done!). IT shows red at normal atmospheric pressure and green at the set reduced pressure. If air leaks in it goes back to red. Wouldn't you prefer to discover a leak with air rather than water? I know I would!
  17. I thought that the trip in the DeepSee was a great once-in-a-lifetime experience. However, the only successful pictures I got with the camera dry inside the sub with me was of my fellow passengers! You need to position the camera lens node at the correct spot inside the dome to get good images and as anyone with an underwater camera will tell you on looking at the dome of the sub, that will leave the camera looking directly upwards. You would need to contact Avi or Schmolic at understatement.com about the possibility of mounting your camera in its own housing on the outside of the sub.
  18. Saw the Nauticam vacuum test set-up (with Vacuvin pump and LED indicator almost identical to the Hugycheck system) at the London International Dive Show today. It looks good but it's not got an official name yet. I bet all top-end housing manufacturers will go this way soon.
  19. Bear in mind that a filter filters out light. A red filter stops (or reduces) cyan light passing and a yellow filter stops (or reduces) blue light passing. It cannot put back colour that is not there. So if you go deep enough that there is no long wavelength spectrum of light and that's not very deep at all (say 60ft) , all a filter will do is increase the exposure needed to get an image.
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