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  1. Both of these images were obtained using the Sea & Sea 6 inch glass port. The Galapagos shark was shot using the 15 Sigma on a D800 while the Oceanic Whitetip was shot with a Tokina 10-17 on a D200.
  2. Over the years I have collected more photography gear for use underwater than any man would ever need. Recently I have been selling off all the kit I really no longer need. Apart from the film stuff that I actually gave away, I sold all that perfectly good equipment that I was no longer using. I am now down to one housing, a set of ports, two camera bodies and two lenses (for underwater use). I kept a range of lenses for surface and studio use. I recommend it. The feeling that comes with simplification is wonderful.
  3. It's very difficult to get good photographs from inside the dome of a submersible, thanks to the refraction. Are you mounting your camera on the outside?
  4. For DX the Tokina 10-17 would be my favourite lens. Nowadays I use the Sigma 15 on FX. You gotta hold your nerve and "wait until you see the whites of their eyes".
  5. Adam I sent them a message saying we had 35,000 readers who wanted to know about the legality of shark fishing in Egyptian waters and they wrote back asking when my 35 customers wanted to go fishing!
  6. Max Ammer, the owner of Sorido Bay and Kri Eco resorts is a very special man and I find it a privilege to spend time with him.
  7. Ironically, what made the Tokina 10-17 lens so good for use behind a dome port was what made it really poor when used in air - and that was its curved plane of focus. Lens manufacturers tend to try to make their (expensive) lenses have a flat plane of focus for use above the surface, which works against you when trying to focus on the curved virtual image produced by a dome port. This is probably true of the somewhat cheap Sigma 15 on FX - which I now use nearly all of the time! It's probably the reason why it is reported that the Nikon 16-35 zoom is better underwater than Nikon's top price 14-24 zoom.
  8. Plenty of sharks at Cocos and several tigers too (no silvetips anymore - the tigers have taken there place). Alas, although I had several very close but momentary encounters while there in January, they were not like this:
  9. Are you looking for consistent focus in an arc or a flat field?
  10. Sounds like you gotta duff one, Pete. Mind you, I've never tried mine without it being behind a dome port!
  11. I was there for several days so had the chance to adjust my technique. The hammerheads move very quickly and change direction in a moment so I found that I was missing shots waiting the couple of seconds for the strobes to recycle. I eventually decided to shoot by natural light because 1) it was very shallow 2) the D800 affords high ISO settings if need be 3) I needed a faster shutter speed to avoid double imaging and 4) I could shoot at 4fps (max on the D800) and grab the different moments. In this way I've counted that I got 2146 useable shots!.
  12. Bear in mind that the first picture I posted was merely a screen-grab from the RAW converter. Obviously it can be improved. The repro in Diver was a bit disappointing (under inked on the black run). The secret is to use a full-frame fish-eye lens and release the shutter just as the eye of the Great Hammerhead is about to hit the dome port! Get close! No, I don't look through the viewfinder at these moments because it's also important to know what any other sharks might be doing! Different animal but this picture of me and a (smaller) shark was taken at a similar moment by Lawson Wood. (Copyright Lawson Wood - but I'm sure he won't mind me showing you!)
  13. In defence of Alert Diver Mag, I got a copy recently and wondered what had happened until I realised it was NOT the American edition! In defence of the boys who worked at DYK/ Dive-the-World, although it is very annoying to lose a few dollars in subscription for a mag that never arrived, it is more annoying to lose you job and possibly your home - and they had the best intentions. If it was easy to get a big circulation, I would have started my own magazine 20 years ago.
  14. Google Translate: DYKs publishers Unfortunately for bankruptcy. This means that neither DYK or DIVE THE WORLD will be published in the future. We're very sorry, and thank you for the support we have received over the years. You can still come get lots of information about diving on www.dyk.dk. Förlaget DYK has tyvärr tvingats halt the sina pay ingar. This means attention varken DYK or DIVE THE WORLD coming ut in framtiden. We beklagar DETTA och tackar for it was we have attracted genome oar. You can fortfarande hitta trade fairs with information on www.dyk.net och webbsidan comes after the handover attention being developed.
  15. Ideal for OAP divers like me, because the wreck is always just below the cabin, although I have a sneaking suspician skipper JJ doesn't like very tall Brits!
  16. I once had a gyroscope that mounted on the bottom of my (still) camera to give a Steadycam effect. I wonder it it would be possible to get one housed and fitted under a camera housing?
  17. I've got the measure of the D800 now. It focuses instantly and I have stopped trying to use the focus lock because it does it better than I can! I am now having so much success with it that I have sold my DX outfit and my D700 outfit including the housings. The dynamic range and high ISO performance cannot be compared and I often crop down to only 24MP! In fact, on my last trip (sharks, sharks and sharks), I shot from the hip and rarely looked through the eyepiece! I now only have a D800 with 15 Sigma and 105 Micro Nikkor for underwater use. See: http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=49825
  18. There's a riot of Great Hammerhead pictures in the April edition of Diver Magazine UK. (an unashamed advertisement )
  19. I'm sure it was a question of the staff being optimistic but the bank not. These things can come to a head very quickly. I'm sure Jesper and Charly were hoping it would remain in business and I am equally sure that there was no intention to rob subscribers. They aren't looking for magazines. They are looking for jobs.
  20. Maybe I am sloppier now. Does it matter if the housing doesn't leak? That's what the pressure test tells. I had a failure putting it together for the first time whilst my feet were awash on the way out to Malpelo. The rock 'n roll of the boat was very distracting but the leak test revealed that I hadn't done it properly so I did it again BEFORE I got in the water! Camera saved!
  21. Mike, you're from Canada aren't you? JB
  22. Jesper tells me they will be making an announcement about DYK later this week.
  23. Cover price usually covers distribution and to select target audience. (Nobody reads free mags.)
  24. It is very difficult to manage any magazine nowadays so that it is viable. Magazines rely on advertising revenue not cover price. Advertisers tend to be territorial so that all publications that go for a world-wide coverage appear to be doomed from the start. Ask Robert Maxwell. (Oh you can't. He committed suicide before it was discovered he'd committed a major fraud in an effort to keep his pan-European publications going.) I hope that Dive The World hasn't taken DYK with it. Things look bleak.
  25. Funnily enough, we had Kat Rockett (Mark Rackley's girlfriend) on-board! She's very mobile! There were two Aquavision, one used by Frazier Nivens. Other cameramen included Randy Andy Brandy Casagrande IV. (Funny how I always remember his name!) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y-h-lACZHc8&feature=share
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