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  1. I am likely to come back from a trip with 30gb of pics. I do 12 - 14 trips a year. Then there's bread'n butter stuff i Do in between. See the problem?
  2. New to digital photography, I had this rather simplistic idea that I could store all my new stock of digital pictures on CD or DVD. I am now told these are not of archival permanence. I have half a million trannies going back to the mid-eighties. They are securely stored in filing cabinets. How do you store digital images safely?
  3. It's a bit scary to leave a system that you have got to grips with (film) and take up with another so my change over to digital has left me trying to anticipate problems and therefore asking a lot of questions. I asked one of my old contemporaries 9an advertsing photographer) if he had gone from film to digital and he told me that although he has a camera that writes huge files the big problem he has is dirt getting on the sensor. He says now he has got a sensor perfectly clean he has decided not to interchange lenses and let any more dirt in. He intends to dedicate a separate body to each lens. This problem never arose with film. Any dirt on it got there after processing. Now he works in a studio but I intend to use my (SLR) cameras in the harsh conditions associated with diving. Have any of you encountered this problem and is it simply swab, swab, swab? Can it be avoided?
  4. Hey, I know the answer to this one! If you are as clumsy as I am with a big PC dome port you certainly get to practise polishing a lot! I use the finest wet 'n dry carborumdum paper as used by autopaint-shops. I gently polish the area of the scratch until it is evened out. That leaves it almost opaque and you start to panic the first time, asking "What have I done?" Then you take some proprietory cotton wadding silver polish such as Silvo or Duraglit (in the UK) and polish the area as if your life depended on it. It brings it up beautifully clear again. I have spent many hours in my cabin polishing my port! But it works.
  5. I am hardly in a position to recommend the kit I bought since I have not really tried it out extensively yet. I had already an S2 Pro that I used for studio product shots quite successfully (Manual with studio flash) so I bought another (secondhand). Of course, since it is an obsolete camera I bought the first housing that I could find (old stock) - a Subal with a glass dome and extension ring to accommodate the 12-24mm. I have bought so many different housings for film use I know I can work with any of them. I now use Subtronic flashguns since the demise opf my several SB104. I have done one underwater shoot so far and the TTL exposure looked perfect. I'm sorry but I'm not really into equipment. I just want stuff that works!
  6. Thanks for boosting my confidence, those who say it's an OK lens. I have a (large) safe full of top quality equipment (eg. several Hasselblads and all the lenses and the Nikon outfit I used when I worked for Penthouse Mag) that I hardly ever use but then I have been a photographer since 1966! I believe in keeping things simple underwater. I used to dive with two Nik Vs with 15mm lenses then swapped to a Nikons with 20mm lens behind a dome port. (I always take two of everything in case of flooding or technical failures so there's never much room for alternatives.) Now going digital, I decided that (1) I had to have cameras I could afford to flood (2) I needed to use existing TTL flashguns from my kit (3) I had to choose one lens - and the 12-24 seemed to be the theoretical perfect answer. But as we all know theories often do not seem to work out the moment you are under water!
  7. I guess I will have to wait and see! Hi, Mike (by the way). Nice to hear you still have all your fingers! (Leave that to the Frenchies eh?) I try to limit myself to 14 diving trips a year now and the world is such a big place! Buty of course I have to go to DEMA so that people get a chance to get me on the ropes. (Rope-a-dope!) However Stan is still 26 years ahead on me with anecdotes so the pressure is still on!
  8. I see someone says they find it soft at the edges with Subal and plus 2 dioptre. I am new to digital and this lens underwater but I have extensive experience with film and the Subal Seacam Aquatica Sea& Sea and Nexus housings I own. I found that it was impoortant to use a large dome and no dioptre lens when used with the 20mm lens (on film) or that lens was unacceptably soft at the edges. The Subal I have bought for digital has a large dome and I have checked the newly purchased 12-24 focusses underwater (in a flooded quarry) without a supplementary lens. Am I going to have problems with my first trip in the sea? Why do you use the plus 2 dioptre? (Steve at Oceanoptics says I do not need it.)
  9. I take that back. One Mac with Firefox locked up again! John Bantin Technical Editor Diver Magazine www.divernet.com UK
  10. In the UK your copyright is enshrined in law under the Copyright Designs & Patent Act 1988 until 75 years after your death. You cannot assign copyright in perpetuity, only the usage and the time frame is an important part of that. I used to be a professional photographer and I can tell you that the reason I can now devote my life to going diving is because I have always believe in vigorously defending these rights. When one of my photographs is used without my permission or assignment I rub my hands with glee because I know I am in a very good negotiating position. It is amazing what people try to get away with (through ignorance usually). As the editor of the Sunday Telegraph once asked me, You are not really going to sue us are you? Nobody ever sues us. To which I replied See you in court! I have never lost one yet. Do not be afraid to protect what is yours. However, with digital imaging I believe it is always best to file the RAW files - just in case you need proof! It is best to go into court with something more than a sad story.
  11. I've tried this with five Macs and three browsers and the winner is: Mac GS OSX 10.3.9 Mozilla Firefox!
  12. I have a number of Macs ar my disposal and use Explorer 5.2.2 and Firefox 1.0.2. I had no trouble downloading this thread but then when I first tried to reply this Mac crashed!!! It's never done that before - ever!
  13. I have trouble getting a lot of threads (usually the ones I want to read) to download. The progress bar on my Mac just stalls. Any ideas. We have a lot of Macs here and it does the same on all of them.
  14. I may be interested in both housing and/or camera subject to condition. I will be back in the UK on April 5th. e-mail me (john@divermag.co.uk) when you get back if it ius not already sold.
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