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  1. Yes Pete. I felt really a rank amateur with my D800!
  2. I've got 2145 others that are just as good!
  3. Great Hammerheads are a nomadic and migratory species. January and February are the best months when the water is at its coldest. www.stuartcove.com (Just a small point. Stuart Cove's Dive Bahamas is a wholly Bahamian operation so that all revenues go back into the Bahamas economy.) I've got a six-page feature on it in the April edition of Diver Magazine (UK). Get the app!
  4. This comment sums it up: "Simply stable negative pressure. If it's air tight, its water tight. And it will save your camera in the rinse tank. And my Subal V3 port can't fall off!" I might still have a Subal housing today if the dome port had not fallen off - twice! I went with Hugyfot for the Hugycheck. Hugycheck continues to monitor the pressure at all times. With 64GB (2x32GB) cards in my D800, that green light winks comfortingly for a whole camera battery charge over several days and its own battery goes on for more than a week. You only need to flood an expensive rig once to bear the scars forever. I am much more relaxed now while away on diving trips!
  5. I got something similar on my first Hugyfot housing for D700 and haven't looked back since. Twice I've had a red light half an hour or so after I assembled my latest Hugyfot housing with my D800 and that means twice I've been spared the cost of buying a new camera. (That leaves me about £6000 ahead.) People say they don't need it because they have such good housings. It's not to check the housing, it's to check the user - and we all make mistakes at some time. Once depressurized, you can unfasten the clamshell but it won't come apart. The same goes for the port. Magic!
  6. Why do people talk about shooting DX images on an FX camera? Surely, if you use the whole frame, you get the strategy to crop afterwards, which can be very important when you have gutters, stand-firsts, headlines and body copy to consider. Is it to save space on the memory card. If so, why not get a bigger card? I shot the 60mm macro on FX and gave myself space around my subject.
  7. D800. I probably need to read the instruction manual but I'm only half way through the manual for my newest car, which is a few months older. (I've only just got to the particulate burner!) Thanks for the heads-up! I'm doing OK with it though!
  8. All of them. I wish I could access single/continuous shooting modes but I can't on my Hugyfot.
  9. I hada great trip to malpelo on Yemaya II with some guys who told me the viz at Cocos was apalling. I went to Cocos immediately after and the viz was gin-clear. I've had several trips to the Galapagos and the story is the same. You can be unlucky but generally you are LUCKY!
  10. There were seven Epic video cameras and four DSLRs on my trip. The Epic users were happy to change cards during thge day but I preferred to prepare my kit on dry land. Depth? About the same as Tiger Beach.
  11. Read this: http://www.divernet.com/Travel_Features/far_east/1613572/turtle_escort_far_from_home.html An excellent sea boat. Twin engines, great galley, superb meals!
  12. I've just got back from a trip to Tiger Beach with Mr Stuart Cove. I stayed at the Bahama Bay Resort and motored out each day in the fast Newton. We had fresh bait each day and did not come back stinking of fish. (I did get bitten twice by a tiger and once by a lemon shark) Then I went on the the new hotspot that is the Great Hammerhead Dive.
  13. We had seven Epic cameras and four FX cameras in the water with twelve nurse sharks and three Great Hammerheads that circled round us for four hours in 22 feet of water. This will be the next hotspot to dive. (With Stuart Cove in the Bahamas.)
  14. I had one to try but my wife wouldn't let me use her iPhone in it.
  15. The Insurance red-herring is raised again. If you die, does it mean you have to die in a buddy-pair to get a payout for your dependants?
  16. Alex, the water pressure makes it impossible to open the battery compartment although I agree if one could take the batteries out the modelling light would go off but recycling time would also be extended (until you dried the battery compartment out after the dive).
  17. I only ever shoot in manual mode but I've just bought a second YS-D1 (total 2) to go with my three Z-240 because I was so impressed with the output of the YS-D1. However, I note that the modelling light of my first YS-D1 sometimes comes on at depth and there's nothing I can do to turn it off.
  18. I used indelible black ink. I first used it to black out the inscription round the front element of a macro lens I used because I was ashamed that people might have seen it was a 105mm Cosina I bought seconhand for $70. At f22, it was perfectly sharp!
  19. As you were - Nikon Transfer 2 uninstalled and re-installed on the offending laptop and all's right with the world!
  20. In your opinion, which are today's state-of-the-art cameras in each of the following categories: Compact System Compact DX FX Only one suggestion for each please!
  21. I liked the 60 best when I shot on DX but I had to get a 105 when I moved up to a big boy's camera!
  22. Sting Ray. I haven't tried since August but I'll give that another go - although I always take the cards out during a trip to use as back-up (luckily as it happens) so it's no imposition to use a separate card reader.
  23. Thanks Water Buffalo. I have been using a card reader since I got the D800. That was one of the first things I discovered. I now know to drag and drop just as I did with the D200 instead of using Nikon Transfer2. For a time you couldn't do that (with CS4?) but I'm up and running again. Thanks everyone. I've still got the D800. I didn't toss it out of the window in frustration.
  24. So I got the iPad and the Wi-Drive. Alas, at my age time is important. I took my small Macbook Pro. I'm sure the other combination would be good for someone shooting jpegs on a compact!
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