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  1. do you have photos of the setup? sounds like a bargain price....is there anything wrong with them? thanks, Johnny
  2. June 3, 2016 It saddens me to find myself writing in this forum the announcement of Mr. Bob Cranston's passing.....Bob Cranston passes away at home yesterday due to Cancer. Bob had inspired so many in our community and became friend to many....For those of us that had the good fortune to know Bob, there are too many stories and words to describe such a great guy and true friend. It's quite remarkable when you can think of not one person that did not like someone...Bob WAS that guy. Liked by all in an instant and a genuine "good ole boy".... We lose not only an underwater legend of our era, but a truly generous, giving and warm hearted human being. A man that had touched so many in our community and inspired myself and countless others. I can't think of a more generous and just downright great guy than Bob. There are so many stories.....and for now i'll let this community share their stories and remarks about a GREAT GUY that happens to have shot underwater film and video and shared unselfishly his knowledge to all that asked. Here's to you Bob! You will be missed dearly, yet thought of often. A toast to your wonderful journey and thanks for the memories. Peace
  3. I am searching for the Lucas 18mm RS Lens for the Nikonos camera. Looking for one in very good condition. Perhaps someone has one collecting dust or at end of life using 35mm film? Please contact me. Johnny email: johnnyfriday(at)me.com thanks
  4. Ah yes, Aldo....a gifted photographer for sure...met Aldo on a recent trip and we compared housings. I also was wondering how the dome port handles the cameras with a variable I.O. I had thought this just was not possible to do. I have been using the Gates housing with B.Cranston and we are quite a bit larger and a flat-port. I would post pics, but seems i have to have them on the web before posting.
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