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  1. Fair enough. Didnt realize that E-ttl controlled high speed synch, as I've always done high speed synch manually with a pocket wizard and my large Elinchrom strobe on land where they simply dont make any e-ttl gear thats powerful enough for me (p;us the t.5 flash durations on almost everything but Elinchrom and Broncolor is way to slower for what I normally shoot), even if they did, I'd still shoot on manual as I like having full control. Not having the joystick on the SeaCam housing would be a deal killer for me, as I am constantly using it to set the AF point. Sweet just learned something new!
  2. Drew, Actually the 1Dx tops out at 10 FPS when shooting RAW, the 12fps is useless IMOP because it only works in JPEG, that and I cant think of a single subject where more than 10fps is useful. Even when I am shooting skiing, I very rarely fire off more than just a frame or two at 10FPS, whats more important to me, is the very fast AF that tends to come with higher FPS bodies. I dont understand the desire to be able to routinely fire flashes at a high FPS. At least in my experience when working with flash, you take your time to dial in your flashes manually and compose your shot the shoot. If i'm going to take a second frame then I'm either going to re-compose or make an adjustment to the light position. Plus if your going to try to do it at a high FPS, then your going to most likely be pushing your shutter speed to max synch killing your ambient, or your not going to have a fast enough t.5 flash duration to stop action unless your either shooting near stationary objects, or with the flashes set to a really low power. If there is a need to be able to fire the flashes at a high FPS, then please enlighten me. I'd be very curious to know when you guys need to do that. The other thing I dont understand is what everyone's obsession with E-ttl is. The key to really good stunning flash work is understanding the relationship between your flash and ambient portions of your exposure and the impact that light position plays. I just dont see the need for it, unless your basically shooting with an over priced point and shoot. Anyone that takes the time to learn to shoot flash manually is going to get to a point where they are going to quickly do a way better job than what the camera would do with E-ttl. Thanks for the info on the housings. I'll have to do some research on the Subal one as well, but right now I'm leaning towrads SeaCam if they can deliver before my first scheduled shoot date.
  3. Thanks Drew. After discussing the quote with the shop a lot of the cost difference was that the SeaCam included SeaCam arms and strobes, so if I go with the YS-250 pro strobes and Nauticam arms, the cost diffence is more like $3500, so is the SeaCam housing body and 180 view finder really worth the extra $3500 over the Nauticam body with there 180 view finder? Either way its a large investment, and something that I want to make sure I do it right from the begining, as it will be commited to that set up for a long time. As for using the 1DX instead of the smaller body, its more cost effective for me, since I laready own two 1dX cameras and getting a smaller body (5Dmk3) and a housing for that would end up being more and personally I own two 1DX's because I hate going back and forth between different cameras. As far as bouyancy goes, it came really easy to me, so I'm not too concerned about having the large housing to deal with. I'll also be doing a lot of over under shots with it at first for some of my action sports clients before I ever do an actual dive with it, so that will give me a lot of time to get familiar with it. When I do start to dive with it, I'll be starting out with more mellow dives before doing anything too adventurous. Thanks again for the help.
  4. Hi guys, I am new here, so hoping to learn a lot from this forum. I just got into diving last year while on vacation in Belize and am now 100% hooked on it. I am full time Ski Photographer by trade, so I am looking into getting a housing system for the gear that I already own: Canon 1DX bodies with the Canon 8-15mmL and the 16-35mmL II plus looking at picking up the Canon 100L Macro to compliment the system. I have a quote from the local photo shop in Seattle for both a SeaCam and Nauticam system, but wounding if the SeaCam system is really worth 7K more.. Is there any other options out there for the 1DX? If your curious about my non dive images, you can check them out here: http://www.GrantGunderson.com I am really looking forward to learning a lot from this amazing community. Thanks!
  5. Hi everyone. I am full time ski photographer, that just got into diving last year in Belize and am now hooked! and am already excited about purchasing a housing for my camera gear. I am looking forward to learning a lot from this amazing community. You can check out my non-dive photos here: http://www.GrantGunderson.com
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