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  1. Thanks for the response jcclink, but just saying that 'buna-n' works for all housings, is not what I was asking. There are people like myself that perhaps would like to purchase lubricant for their different housings without having to replace the orings. And the price for the manufacturers lubricant and sometimes their poor packaging are not sufficient for my needs. Most of the manufacturers websites are not clear on the type of orings they use which Im' sure is a business ploy to keep you coming back for their lubricant. And to simply saying that it is probably Buna-n simply because it's black is not good enough for me. I think it would be nice to just put together a definitive list for every one. I know there are many different types of oring materials out there and some require different types of lubricant than others. And yes, what are Gucci colored orings? I too an unfamilar with that color. Thanks.
  2. Has anyone put together a definitive list of what oring materials are used from various manufacturers? I'm thinking of a simple 3-column excel sheet. Column 1 - Manufacturer. Column 2 - Oring Material type. Column 3 - Lubricant that is 'ok' to use. I've been researching trying to find out what type of oring materials several manufacturers and not surprisingly, it's difficult to find the info. So far, I've got: Subal - Rubber Orings - Silicone Lubricant
  3. Can you go to an authorized dealer for repair rather than back to Ikelite? I called Ikelite about getting a replacement for a basic push button on their housings. They said they didn't sell just the button itself, and that I would have to send it in for repair. I was really bummed on this because it's super easy to fix the button and I could easily do it myself if they would just send out another button. But they wouldn't do that. That's why I was wondering maybe a repair shop could fix the problem faster for you? 6-8 weeks is a long time.l
  4. That's a pretty good breakdown. The design looks pretty cool and if it prevents accidents from happening, then I'd say it's probably worth the cost.
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