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  1. Hi! I have not calculated a package price but if you want to list everything you want and make me an offer I will consider any reasonable offers.
  2. All Stil for sale except Z240. Willing to accept any reasonable offer for housing and ports. Talk to me.
  3. Yes everything is still for sale except the Z240. I would sell that package for 15% off prices listed, you would need to cover international shipping. By Macro Lens are you referring to the Canon 100mm lens or the SubSee macro diopter? If you decide to purchase I would strongly suggest adding the Zen dome port and Tokina zoom gear and purchasing a Tokina 10-17mm lens for wide angle. It is a superb, lightweight wide angle option for this rig. You can contact me at saudio AT earthlink DOT net
  4. Housing is now on Ebay. If you are the only bidder it will be a great bargain. All other equipment still available. https://www.ebay.com/itm/174845070205
  5. I will make an attractive package deal on the housing, two ports, port base, mid range and macro lens, and macro diopter swivel. Anyone interested?
  6. I should mention that I am only selling this rig because I need to go smaller, and I'm getting older. This rig takes fantastic photos and I'm going to miss having this kind of capability. Here are three photos using this rig and my favorite lenses. The juvie lionfish was from Bali and shot with the Canon 100mm MAcro and 50mm port The shark, Turks and Caicos, shot with the 18-55 kit lens and 30mm port, just a month ago. Don't let the price of that lens fool you, it can take awesome photos and is very versatile since it is a mid range zoom The reef scene was on a wall in Fiji with the Tokina 10-17 and the Zen mini dome. No other lens/dome out there takes better, sharper WA photos with a small, lightweight dome. IMHO. ;-)
  7. Bump. I still have the dome port, lens, and zoom gear for sale. All basically new. Make a reasonable offer. Thanks
  8. Hello all! I'm selling my Canon 7D MKII housing and many accessories. All prices PLUS reasonable shipping costs.The housing is in good-very good cosmetic condition and excellent mechanical condition. It was overhauled in late 2017 by Reef Photo and used 4 times since then. All controls work perfectly and smoothly. It includes 2 O rings, the Vacuum Port system with pump, and the original shipping box. $2100.00 I also have a port system for the housing that requires a bit of explanation. I have the Compact Port Base, the Compact Port 30mm, and the Compact Port 50mm. The 30mm is for use with either the Canon 18-55 kit lens, or with the Canon 60mm Macro. The 50mm is for use with the Canon 100mm macro.Nauticam revised these ports some time ago to allow fitment of a swivel diopter holder. Rather than repurchase new ports, I had a local machine shop add three small divots to the front edge of the ports allowing the use of a SubSee or SMC macro diopter swivel. The divots do not compromise the integrity of the ports in any way. The diopter holder will work with any 60mm diopter. Nauticam N120 Compact Port Base with 2 O rings and protective cover, $150. Nauticam Compact Port 30 with 2 O rings and protective cover, (please note divots mentioned above) $125. Nauticam Compact Port 50 with 2 O rings and protective cover, (please note divots mentioned above) $125. Zen DP-100 100mm Fisheye Dome Port for nauticam/ Tokina 10-17. This dome shows very light wear on the metal parts but the glass in 100% perfect. Includes O ring and protective cover. $675.00 Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS II Lens in Very Good condition, glass perfect. Includes caps $100. Canon EF 100mm F2.8 Macro USM Lens in near perfect condition with original packaging and lens caps. $350.00 ReefNet SubSee Magnifier +10 Macro Diopter. In fair cosmetic condition but glass is excellent. $125. Reefnet SubSee hinged port adapter for 60mm Macro Diopters $125.00 Inon Z240 MK4 strobe WITH diffuser and ball mount. Fair-Good cosmetic condition, Excellent operational condition. With original packaging. $300. Inon Z240 Diffuser. Brand New. $30. Nauticam Zoom Gear for Tokina 10-17mm (Canon) $150.00 Nauticam Zoom Gear for Canon 18-55mm IS STM Lens $150.00 I am not including a 7D MKII camera body because I continue to use them topside. They are still a current product and you can find bargains on E-bay. I am not including my Tokina 10-17 lens because I love it, they are still current. The purchaser of the housing will have first option at all lenses and accessories at a 10% package discount (discount only applies to accessories). After the housing is sold, I will sell everything else on this list separately if requested. Please contact me at saudio AT earthlink.net OR PM here. Questions welcome. PS I can provide larger and more photos upon request by e-mail. Limited size here.
  9. I will take that offer please contact me at saudio@earthlink.net Put Zoom Gear in the subject line.
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