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  1. My mistake, ends tomorrow. And sorry, for the time being I'm only shipping to the continental US.
  2. These are mine, only selling because I bought Z330s. https://www.ebay.com/itm/173424732466?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649
  3. Hi Pavel. After I returned home from my trip with the UW Technics TTL board, I did a comparison bench test, using both the Technics board and the onboard strobe taking rapid secession shots. I did not get the same results you describe above, the three shots I took with the onboard flash TTL all seemed to be exposed exactly the same. I made a video of this test to send to my dealer to help explain the trouble I was having. I can post the vids here if you like.
  4. Thank you Buddy! I immediately called my dealer to ask whether these could be adapted to my Nauticam housing, turns out these are the same UW Technics circuitry just fitted to Subal. But I do appreciate the idea just the same.
  5. Hi Pavel, thanks for the reply. Are you with UW Technics? Everything you said is correct and I understand. However, if you use the onboard strobe in TTL mode, you can shoot continuously until the recharge time of the camera strobe starts to lag. So it is clearly possible for the Z240's to be able to shoot continuously in TTL, but it seems the Technics product had not been able to replicate the Canon TTL exactly. Some photographers may find the lag time between shots to be acceptable, but for me, having to count in my head between frames to be sure I get a properly exposed shot is not something I can live with. And I counted at least 2 full seconds lag with the UW Technics board. It seems to work well other than the lag, so if you have strobes that are compatible it would be very useful. But I'm still looking for something that works properly with my 240s (now 330s). I would suggest to UW Technics that they mention in their user manual this issue with lower powered strobes. I spent an awful lot of time on my trip trying to figure out why it was not working properly.
  6. I shoot a Canon 7DII and Nauticam. I'd really like to have a TTL trigger that solves the problem of using the onboard strobe as a trigger because of the awful recharge delay after a few frames with the onboard strobe. I purchased the UW Techincs model and used it for a week, and discovered that after the first shot you have to wait 2-3 seconds before the next shot or you get a greatly diminished strobe output (dark, useless image). To me that is no better, in the long run, than the delay with the onboard strobe. I sent it back and the shop checked with the manufacturer (I had hoped I received a defective unit) that this is a normal condition for this device. The Turtle version doesn't seem to have the Canon problem solved either. Does anybody make one that works properly? thanks Mike
  7. Curious if those bulging front lenses will affect the buoyancy compared to a 240.
  8. Would very much like to hear a battery life comparison between the 240 and 330. One would assume you can't get double the output without losing significant battery life. I'd like to be wrong about that. The price is certainly good. Also, I guess my Retra snoot will not fit the new model?
  9. This snoot was used on one trip, it's in perfect condition and includes spare batteries. $120, free shipping in the US. Contact me at saudio@earthlink.net if interested. Mike
  10. It's missing completely. It is there for all subsequent posts of mine, but not for the original post. I moved my curser around all over the area. Not there.
  11. Hey tim, that button seems to be missing for me on my original post which is the one I want to edit to reflect the changes. Thanks
  12. Housing is sold, will sell the body for $500 plus shipping. How do I edit my posts here?
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