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  1. Hi Manta Ray and Steve ! Thank you for your feedback. @Manta Ray: This is strange that it doesn't load in Firefox, I've tested it with it and it works fine... My site heavily relies on Javascript, so maybe you have Javascript disabled ?? Which version of Firefox are you using ? @Steve: yep I know, I'm not yet very experienced in the post processing. If I find time, I'll add a little more contrast here and there Greetings from the rainy Switzerland, Claude
  2. Hi together, although I'm taking underwater pictures now for nearly 10 years, I've never had an image gallery. After I've upgraded my equipment, and after the pictures are slowly getting better (I hope so hehe), I've just made an humble attemp in creating such a gallery.... http://www.backscatter.ch If you like, check it out, and of course every feedback (on the gallery and particular images) and also critisism is highly welcome Cheers Claude
  3. Hi together ! I'm absolutely new in this forum, and wanted to start a new topic, but without success: "You cannot start a new topic" is written in every forum. Do I miss something ?? sorry for off topic, but didn't know where to put this... PS: now it's working... maybe, I should have waited a bit longer Greetings Post moved:Ed You must make a post in the forum before you can start a new topic!
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